How Does Marijuana Detox Pills Work?

Marijuana has many different benefits. Whether you’re using a product with a high level of THC to treat chronic pain or an oil rich in CBD for anxiety, there are dozens of options to keep you healthy. While your regular use of cannabis products may be helping your day-to-day health, your employer may not approve of it. Because cannabis leaves toxins in your system after it's used, it’s easily detected by drug tests. Luckily, detox pills for marijuana make it easy to rid your body of these built up toxins, so you're able to pass a drug test.

Medical Marijuana

Understanding the Effects of Marijuana

When you consume cannabis products, remnants of the plant, called cannabinoids, are released. Depending on the product, levels of THC may also be released, creating a high feeling. Cannabinoids trigger receptors in your body to return your body to balance, thus explaining the many health benefits of cannabis products. However, these cannabinoids can be detected in saliva, blood, and urine for months after the use of the product.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in the Body?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know exactly how long marijuana will remain in your body specifically. While THC is believed to stay in your body longer than most substances, the lifespan of the cannabinoids depends greatly upon your habits. Your eating habits, exercise routine, and frequency of marijuana use will impact the length of time marijuana will remain in your system. If you have a higher percent of body fat or a lower metabolism, the remnants of marijuana may stay in your system for even longer.

Drug Tests and Marijuana

Drug tests are designed to detect a wide variety of chemicals and substances. Marijuana is no exception. While some drug tests may require hair or saliva samples, most drug tests collect samples of urine. Not only is this the easiest way to test for the remnants of cannabis plants, but also cannabinoids are detectable for longer in urine. If a detox regimen isn’t taken, it’s likely that you’ll fail your drug test even if it’s been weeks since your use of marijuana products.

Marijuana Use

How Do Detox Pills Work?

Marijuana detox pills are designed to flush the body of any detectable cannabinoids and remaining THC. The ingredients within the detox are designed to simultaneously increase the pH level of your urine while also acting as a binding agent to collect and rid your system of any remnants of the marijuana. Other ingredients minimize the risk of reabsorption as the cannabinoids and THC are leaving your system. A mild diuretic is typically also included in the lineup of ingredients. This cleanses your kidneys and increases your liver activity. When combined, all of these ingredients work together to completely cleanse your body of any of the signs of marijuana use.

Whether you’re concerned about toxin buildup or you have an upcoming drug test, utilizing marijuana detox pills is a great way to cleanse your body of any remaining traces of cannabis use. Green Gone Detox is your source for cannabis detox systems. From emergency tablets to 5-day cleanses, shop everything you need at

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