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About Us

Green Gone detox kits were developed to help individuals rid the body of THC when they need quickened results. Existing products on the market often rely on fallible masking agents or complicated routines which put the body at unease. Even if done correctly, other products still run the risk that irregularity will be detected, flagging your sample for increased scrutiny and a positive test result. Whether you need to be clean for employment, personal health, or athletic reasons, THC users now have a better way to detox their system.

Pharmacist-Designed Formulas

The pharmacists who developed Green Gone were approached by close friends who needed to ensure the safe removal THC metabolites from the body. After looking for products on the market for products to suggest, they found there were no scientific-backed products that actually targeted the specific mechanisms of THC removal. The Green Gone journey began. They started by looking at how the human body breaks down THC into metabolites; the remnants of THC in your body which drug screens test for. These metabolites are stored in your fat cells, then slowly released over time into your blood before eventually being expelled in your excretions. Well versed in both human biology and pharmacokinetics, these pharmacists focused in on improving the speed and efficiency of the body’s elimination process rather than just covering up the signs of THC use with other compounds.

scientist performing test

The result was an all-natural formula based around well-known dietary supplements. Already used by humans for centuries to address a variety of concerns, this formula specifically addressed the mechanisms that lead to the breakdown and elimination of metabolites. We encapsulated our plant-based blend in vegetable gelatin capsules so everyone can have a safe, ethical way to clean the green out of their system faster.

Whether you use THC for responsible recreation or it’s part of your self-care regimen and treatment plan as a medical marijuana user, your personal choices deserve to stay personal and private. By speeding the elimination of THC metabolites naturally, you’re relying on your own body to get you under the testing threshold. That means there are no chemical masking agents to be detected or complicated processes that may not work if not timed to the minute. Just a daily regimen of dietary supplements for two, five, or ten days to support healthy detox and clean testing results.

We Stand Behind You

We’re proud to offer our customers a pathway to cleansing the system naturally, and we want you to be informed and engaged in your detox program. If you have any questions about our products, need additional information about the ingredients, or want to talk to a detox specialist and make sure you’re following the program correctly, contact our customer service team at (419) 516-4734. Order your pharmacist-approved THC detox from Green Gone Detox today, and visit our blog section to stay informed on recent trends in the cannabis industry.