Thank you for choosing Green Gone LLC for your detox regimen! Our mission is to provide you with a clear path to your detoxification goals as well as to educate our customers. It is important to create realistic expectations for the desired results of this product. Forget about Mega B complex, Niacin, Cranberry, Milk Thistle, Creatinine, Certo Jell, Pectin, or any other product that you have heard will magically rid your body of marijuana metabolites. Simply put, these products do NOT work reliably and are not supported by ANY medical or scientific literature.

For best results, please read and follow the instructions listed below:

Consider consulting a physician prior to consumption and ensure that you are not allergic to non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. These include, but are not limited to: Aspirin, Naproxen, Ibuprofen, etc. Also to ensure that this supplement does not interact with any other medications you may be taking.

Read full disclaimer prior to starting a detox regimen.

Preface: When you get your kit START IMMEDIATELY. Even if you have more time after completion of the detox until the real test. Remember it is permanent so once you are clean you are all set. If for some reason you are struggling it gives us more options to help you down the road versus you took the product, didn't have time to take it all or are still trying to finish, and the test is today or tomorrow. Additionally, our product INCREASES your output of THC metabolites to help you detox faster, so if you are close you don't want to take it the day of your test. Furthermore, we advise you to not waste test strips testing yourself mid-detox, as you are highly likely to fail based on the way our product is designed, and you will need those test strips later.

Steps for successful detox:

  1. 100% abstinence from marijuana in any form, including second hand smoke. You cannot begin to rid your body of toxins while using, so quit immediately if you have not already done so.
  2. Monitor your dietary fiber intake. You should try to consume 25-30 grams of fiber daily. The reason is to bind metabolites in the stomach and intestines to be excreted. Green Gone detox contains some soluble fiber to help with this process.
    1. Other sources of fiber include: whole oatmeal, bran cereal, whole grain bread, beans, avocado, berries, apples, coconut, nuts, peas, lentils, and artichoke. Consider other fiber supplements if needed.
    2. Avoid carbs early in the diet to help loosen stored THC in fat. The idea here is to convert your body from burning carbs to burning stored fat, and also to provide fresh fat that contains no toxins. Fifty grams daily carbohydrate max is a realistic goal.
    3. Keep it simple. Eat a diet rich in whole grains, fruits (watch carbs), lean meats, beans, and vegetables.
  3. If you are healthy enough for exercise, begin a workout regimen that includes some form of cardiovascular exercise. 1 hour of jogging, elliptical, rowing, biking, or other exercise. Continue this for at least the first 2-3 days of your detox regimen or longer if tolerated.
    1. Note that you should not exercise the day before or the day of the drug test.
  4. Avoid other drugs and alcohol unless advised to continue by your doctor.  These substances can inhibit the liver’s ability to make functional metabolites ready to be excreted. Never take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs purchased over the counter the day before or the day of a drug test.
  5. Consumption of coffee, tea, and milk is fine. Yet, consume at least 6 cups of plain drinking water daily, preferably 8. Highly acidic beverages such as fruit juices, energy drinks, soda, and beer should be strictly avoided as they decrease the pH of urine and prevent solubility of metabolites in urine and promote reabsorption. This will lead to extending the detox process.
  6. Take 4 capsules of Green Gone Detox 3 times daily for best results.Take the first dose and second dose with the first 2 meals of the day. Take the 3rd dose right before bedtime, after your final urination of the day with a small snack. This will help the drug work more effectively by allowing it to dwell in the urine of the bladder and gather metabolites for elimination in the morning.

For the test itself:

  1. Always execute a “mid-catch” technique when providing a urine sample. This means urinating for several seconds into the toilet, then collecting the sample, then finish urination in the toilet. This will help to minimize the amount of metabolites in the sample as solutes in urine tend to collect in the top and bottom of the bladder.
  2. Always prior to the test, stay well hydrated. Urine should be a faint yellow, not clear. If urine is too clear, the sample may be too diluted and therefore not usable. The most common diuretic that won't be detected is caffeine.
    1. For peace of mind, we strongly encourage you to double check yourself with a home kit prior to your test. Several times if necessary.
  3. Never take Green Gone the day of your test. Green Gone is designed to pull metabolites into your urine to decrease the amount of time they stay in your system. It is important to plan your detox accordingly to give yourself enough time use the product correctly.
  4. Never provide the first urination of the day for a drug test. It will almost certainly be the most concentrated urination of the day, especially if you took a dose of Green Gone the night before.
  5. If you have any control over when your test will be during the day ALWAYS try to schedule in the afternoon for 2 reasons. Firstly, it gives you more time to prep and hydrate. Secondly, the lab techs are human too, and at several labs they are more likely to count a faint line pass as a pass without as GC/MS double check because it takes an hour or so to run and they don't want to sit and wait for the result.

If you have any problems or wish to consult a detox specialist, feel free to contact us at

Again, we thank you for supporting our product and happy detoxing!


Green Gone LLC team

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