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Detox Instructions

At Green Gone Detox, our goal is to ensure our products and resources offer the best way for you to detox from THC. A major part of accomplishing our detoxification products is to help you understand what your expectations should be and create detoxification goals.

When it comes to learning how to detox THC, you should have realistic expectations for the results you’ll see from our detox kits. We don’t offer miraculous removal of metabolites from your system, we offer a scientific method to help you cleanse your liver, blood, and fat cells over time.

Before selecting your detox kit, use our THC detox calculator to discover which kit we recommend for your specific needs. Our brief assessment takes into account your body type, cannabis usage, and product potency before suggesting which product would be most effective for your particular situation. Make sure you fully read our detox instructions before starting to learn how to flush THC the right way.

How to Use the Test Strips

To check the effectiveness of our detox kits, we provide THC test strips that allow you to check your progress. Here are the detox instructions to help you get started with the testing process:

  1. Before you take your test, ensure that you are hydrated. Your urine should be light yellow. Clear urine may mean your sample is too diluted and won’t be usable. 
  2. Urinate at least once before your test. You should never use your first urination of the day for the test, as the first urination of the day is more likely to be the most concentrated urination
  3. Urinate for a few seconds, then start collecting your sample. 
  4. When providing a urine sample, use a technique called a “mid-catch.” Once your sample cup is full, finish urinating in the toilet. This process will minimize how many THC metabolites are in your sample, as the solutes are often in the top and the bottom of your bladder.

You may be tempted to test yourself throughout the detox process, but we don’t recommend that you waste your test strips mid-detox. Save your test strips for later to make sure you’ve had a successful detox. If you’re using the test strips for the first time, you may find yourself getting impatient. It takes as little as five minutes for results to appear for our test strips.

We’re Here to Help

To see the best results from your THC detox, you need to carefully follow the detox instructions, and be sure to read the entire disclaimer. For conclusive results, it would be best to use the test strips 24 hours after the last dose of your detox kit. 

Speak to your doctor before you start taking this product to confirm that you aren’t allergic to any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, such as naproxen, aspirin, and ibuprofen. It’s also important to ensure that there won’t be an interaction between the detox program and any supplements or medications that you’re currently taking.

For more directions on how to flush THC, please feel free to contact us at support@greengonedetox.com for additional detox instructions and answers.