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5 Medical Grade THC Urine Test Strips

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Green Gone Detox

5 Medical Grade THC Urine Test Strips

Sale price $14.99 Regular price $30.00

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At Green Gone Detox, we’re proud to provide high-quality products to help you test for THC and detoxify your system of cannabis. With our marijuana test strips, you can find out if you’re testing positive for THC. This kit comes with five strips—just in case you want to test multiple times or you worry about making mistakes. Follow our instructions carefully and read our guide to interpret your results below.

How to Use Our THC Test Kit

  1. Take the test strip out of the sealed pouch
  2. Tear off the paper at the bottom of the strip which reads “single drug screen test”
  3. Dip the strip in urine with the narrow tip down for 10–15 seconds
  4. Remove the strip and lay it on a clean, dry surface
  5. Wait just five minutes for your results

Do not wait longer than five minutes to read your marijuana urine test strip results, as waiting too long will compromise the test. For more precise readings of your THC urine test strips, use a timer to count down the minutes.

  • All test strips are for marijuana only
  • The testing threshold is 50ng/ml
  • 510(k) Cleared and CLIA Waived for at Home Use
  • Individually sealed and easy to use

Return the test strips unopened 30 days from receiving the item to get your money back.

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How to Read the Results

You don’t need to worry about interpreting colors with our THC urine test kits. Simply look for the boxes at the top of the strip. Each one is labeled as Negative, Positive, or Invalid. Red lines will appear in those boxes to determine your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I use my detox kit before testing?

Green Gone Detox can cut the detection time of testing in half! Your success will be based on personal factors such as age, weight, cannabis use, and more. Each of our kits come with test strips that you can use periodically to measure your progress. Kit instructions recommend waiting 24 hours after your last pill to use your marijuana test strips.

Is passing a drug test guaranteed?

If you follow all the recommendations and instructions that come with our kits, you will most likely pass a potential drug test. Sometimes, if you are close to the 50ng/ml limit, it may alter your results. These marijuana test strips (and our THC detox calculator) are to help show you whether your detox is complete or if you need more time.

Do your detox kits show up in drug tests?

No! Green Gone Detox kits are all-natural and vegan. Rarely, some people do get a false positive due to the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory derivatives in our products. Ensure you won’t get a false positive when you wait at least 12 hours after your last dose before testing.

Not sure about your test? Reach out to our team today if you need any help!

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5 Medical Grade THC Urine Test Strips

5 Medical Grade THC Urine Test Strips