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10 Medical Grade THC Urine Test Strips

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10 Medical Grade THC Urine Test Strips
Green Gone Detox

10 Medical Grade THC Urine Test Strips

Sale price $19.99 Regular price $49.99

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At Green Gone Detox, we provide THC test strips that check your urine in addition to our detox kits. Each of these strips is designed to test your urine for THC with a cutoff of 50 ng/ml. These drug test strips are easy to use and can show results in as little as five minutes. Follow our instructions below to guarantee the best results.

Test Procedure

Completing our THC urine test is very simple:

  • Remove the THC potency test strip from the sealed pouch
  • Remove the paper flap at the bottom of the strip that reads “single drug screen test”
  • Immerse the strip in your urine with the narrow tip down
  • Let the strip sit for about ten seconds
  • Remove the strip and lay it on a clean, dry surface
  • Wait five minutes for the test results

If you wait longer than five minutes to read the test results, they may be compromised. Use a timer for precise result readings of your THC test strips.

  • All THC urine test strips are for marijuana only
  • The testing threshold is 50ng/ml
  • 510(k) Cleared and CLIA Waived for at Home Use
  • Individually sealed and easy to use

Return the test strips unopened 30 days from receiving the item to get your money back.

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Reading the Results

Our THC test strips show definitive results in one of three boxes. At the top of the strip, look for the boxes labeled Negative, Positive, and Invalid. Lines will appear in those boxes to help you determine what your test results mean.

If you have any questions about our test strips, reach out to our team today for additional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you use the test strips?

We recommend using the THC test strips 24 hours after your last dose of the detox kit. This allows your body to fully complete the detox cycle before testing. If you test before that time, your test strip may show a false positive, as the potency of THC in your body is close to, or higher than, the 50ng/ml testing limit.

Are the strips a guarantee that you will pass a potential drug test?

If you follow all the instructions for our detox kits and THC urine test strips, you should see the results you want. In addition to abstaining from all drugs and alcohol, we recommend a low-carb, high-fiber diet and drinking plenty of water. When you test yourself with these THC test strips, aim to be well-hydrated and catch your sample midstream. If you’re having difficulty with the first test strip, you have plenty of backups to try again.

Does the detox kit show up on a drug test?

Our detox kits are not masking agents and will not show up on drug tests. While our products do have non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory herbs that may cause a false positive, if you take your final dose 12 hours prior to testing, these shouldn’t be an issue. The ingredients in our detox kits have been specifically designed to clear your system in just a few hours.

Have more questions about our test strips? Contact us at support@greengonedetox.com any time!

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10 Medical Grade THC Urine Test Strips

10 Medical Grade THC Urine Test Strips