5 Day THC Detox Kit with 5 THC Test Strips

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Green Gone Detox

5 Day THC Detox Kit with 5 THC Test Strips

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The Green Gone Detox 5-Day THC Detox Kit is the best way to enhance your body’s THC elimination processes in under a week. This kit contains a complete detox regimen to naturally lower levels of THC metabolites in your system, granting you quick results when you need them most. Our 5-day detox kit for THC provides the support you need for upcoming employment, competitive events, or an important tolerance break for good health.

We recommend this THC detox kit for moderate cannabis users (1–3 times a week). If you’re not sure whether this is the right kit for you, check out our THC Detox Calculator for more answers.

  • St John’s Wort: THC is heavily metabolized by the liver through enzymes separated into CYP families based on their cytochrome spectrum of activity. St John’s Wort has been shown in studies to more than double the activity of these enzymes, accelerating the metabolism of THC. 
  • Sodium Bicarb: The idea here is to constantly keep your urine pH 1 or 2 units higher than usual. This will encourage ionization of the acidic metabolites and greatly increase their solubility in an aqueous polar solution like that of water.
  • White Willow 15% Extract: Contains salicylates which replace albumin proteins bound to THC, allowing metabolites to be cleared from the system.
  • Horsetail Extract: An all natural diuretic which increases liver activity, decreases protein binding in blood, and increases urine pH.
  • Psyllium Husk: Half or more of all THC is excreted through the bowels. Psyllium husk adds a source of fiber to bind with THC in the gut, speeding elimination through excretion.
  • Made at a GMP-Approved, FDA-Inspected facility
  • Made of only 5 Natural Ingredients & Vegan Capsuling
  • Medical-Grade Test Strips Included
  • Ongoing Staff Support
  • Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Made in the USA

Our goal is for our customers to achieve their desired results with the product. If you are not seeing your desired results with the at home strips provided please contact us and we will work with you to help you achieve your detox goal. If not you can email support@greengonedetox.com to start a refund request. All returns must be started within 30 days of the original purchase date to qualify for a refund.

    • Kit must be mailed to and received by our fulfillment company in order to receive a refund.
    • Return address: Sold and Shipped, 5333 Secor Road, Unit 12, Toledo, OH 43623
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      Pharmacist-Formulated & Approved

      It’s no secret that masking agents don’t work, and if discovered in a sample, they can even cause your test to be marked as positive. Instead of taking a risky approach, our team of experienced pharmacists developed a 5-Day THC Detox that enables THC elimination safely. Our products work by utilizing a potent formulation of natural herbs and ingredients to help speed up the body’s elimination process.

      The 5-Day THC Detox Kit also comes with five free medical grade THC test strips as well as instructions on how to maximize the efficacy of this product.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How do you know if the detox worked?

      Every kit comes with testing strips to help you keep track of your progress. We recommend using these test strips at least 24 hours after your last dose to allow for the full effects of the detoxification process to come to fruition.

      How long does the detox last?

      Our products are not masking agents. When you use our kit, you’re actually flushing THC and cannabinoids from your system permanently. As long as you abstain from using cannabis, you will likely not test positive for THC on any potential drug test.

      Are there any side effects?

      We’ve tested our products until we could prove that they were effective and safe. While you might experience increased urination or defecation, you can minimize these effects by taking the pills with food.

      Is there a guarantee for the 5-day THC detox kit?

      Green Gone Detox is proud of the products we’ve created and we back them with a 30-day guarantee. First, we ask that you reach out to our representatives, so they can walk you through the best methods to ensure the efficacy of your kit. If you’re still not seeing results, you can return any unused product for a full refund.

      Live Your Life

      Don’t let a positive THC screening hold you back from reaching your next milestone. No matter what reason you may require a detox, we’ve got the prime solution to deliver outstanding results when the pressure is on.

      If you have any questions about our products, contact our customer care team for additional information at (419) 516-4734.

      Order now and enjoy free priority shipping on our 5-day detox kit today!

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      5 Day THC Detox Kit with 5 THC Test Strips

      5 Day THC Detox Kit with 5 THC Test Strips


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 127 reviews
      Eric Johnson
      Duhhh it worked as usual.

      Used this once before and it worked like magic.

      I take dabs edibles and smoke a lot every day. Should take me a month to get clean for a urine test. Got clean in 5 days. I recommend this to all my friends and family. 100% has my stamp of approval. I’m willing to risk my reputation on this product. Thanks for this cheat code!

      Paola Bianchi

      Worked great

      Lance Laffin

      I was a thirty year daily consumer of thc. Stop thirty five days prior to a five day detox and still tested positive. Followed diet very closely prior to detox and during detox no exercise. I don’t blame the detox believe it has to do with the thirty years of daily consumption I’m now fourty five days in still positive. Have dropped twenty two pounds and still waiting for a negative.

      Hello Lance,

      The 5 day detox kit is recommended for moderate users (1-3 times a week). For a daily usage situation like yours we would recommend the 10 day detox kit or another 5 day detox which would finish up your cleanse. Please reach out to us at support@greengonedetox.com for more assistance.


      Worked well

      Thank you GreenGone Detox!

      Great Stuff !!

      Have used this product several times, works great !