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Green Gone Detox: The Best Way to Detox THC

Green Gone Detox

At Green Gone Detox, our kits contain a powerful and safe herbal blend that helps eliminate THC metabolites in urine and ultimately from your system. Our detox kits are approved as one of the best ways to detox THC and have been formulated by expert pharmacists. Learn more about the ingredients in our detox formula, and how they safely remove THC metabolites in urine.

St. John’s Wort

This natural plant is proven to be a potent liver enzyme inducer. Since THC is heavily metabolized by the liver through enzymes separated into CYP families based on their cytochrome spectrum of activity, studies have shown that St. John’s Wort is the best way to detox THC because it more than doubles the activity of these enzymes, specifically 2C9 and 3A4.

These are the same enzyme systems responsible for the metabolism of THC into more water-soluble compounds, such as the carboxylic metabolite THC-COOH and other hydroxylated derivatives that can participate in phase 2 chemical reactions. In phase two chemical reactions, our kits effectively clear THC metabolites in the form of urine.

Sodium Bicarb

Sodium bicarb helps to increase the pH of urine, among other benefits. It is a salt that is essential in breaking down fluids, which includes blood and urine, resulting in sodium and bicarbonate. It has also been shown to be helpful for indigestion, and urinary stones. One of the limiting factors of clearing THC is the acidic metabolites that are similar in pH to that of urine, which also normally runs slightly acidic. 

Our kits aim to constantly and consistently keep your urine pH 1 or 2 units higher than usual to encourage ionization of the acidic metabolites and greatly increase their solubility in an aqueous polar solution. It helps remove the THC metabolites in urine completely and makes our kits the best way to detox THC with no chance of any residual THC left in the body.

White Willow 15% Extract

Our kits use 15% white willow extract that helps to break the binding between THC and albumin. When bound, THC cannot be cleared or metabolized because the albumin is much too large to pass through the nephron membrane and into your urine. White willow breaks the bond between the two molecules with salicylates that are similar in structure to the THC metabolites. The salicylate takes the THC’s normal binding position, allowing the metabolites to pass through the membrane and clear your system.

Finding the best way to detox THC from your body means that you have to know how different ingredients being used in products can help completely detoxify your body. With Green Gone Detox’s kits, each ingredient works in cohesion to increase effectiveness and promote the complete removal of THC. Our kits help with removing THC metabolites in urine while ensuring that your body returns to its optimal state.

Horsetail Extract

Horsetail was a popular herbal remedy used as far back as the time of the Roman Empire, and it holds multiple benefits for the human body too. As a mild and all-natural diuretic, horsetail extract has long been used to help those with kidney stones and urinary tract infections. It increases urine output and has anti-inflammatory effects that improve your overall health. When you are looking for the best way to detox THC from your body, you also have to consider how the kit can impact your overall body functioning. Studies have shown that it can aid in antimicrobial activity and is rich in antioxidants. 

Horsetail extract becomes beneficial not only for detoxification, but to improve your well-being too. THC metabolites in urine help remove THC completely from the body within record time while keeping inflammation in control for better health. A higher urine output combined with each of the other herbs in our products is what makes Green Gone the best way to detox THC.

Psyllium Husk

Half or more of all THC is excreted through the bowels. To ensure the effectiveness of this evacuation method, psyllium husk acts as a source of fiber to bind THC in the gut. Through binding more THC in the gut, reabsorption in the lower intestinal tract is minimized, and excretion in feces is increased. Our result-orientated approach ensures that THC metabolites in urine and feces may be higher initially, but are gradually removed from your body. 

When you are looking for the best way to detox THC from your body, whether it’s for professional or personal reasons, you have to look for a solution that is efficient and effective. With Green Gone Detox, you can rest assured that no harmful chemical is entering your body for the sake of THC detoxification. 

Green Gone Detox Kits

With a powerful combination of five essential and completely natural ingredients, Green Gone kits are the best way to detox THC. Our simple and effective products are developed and recommended by pharmacists, made in an FDA-approved facility, and are Good Manufacturing Practice certified.

Whether you choose our 2-day or 10-day kit, we are confident that it will be the best way to detox THC for you. Our kits help enhance the rates of THC metabolite formation and elimination. Within a few days, you can test for THC metabolites in urine and see the results for yourself. If you are unsatisfied with your results, we even offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Green Gone Detox blends all of these herbs together to create an efficient way to remove THC from your body. Our 100% vegan-friendly plant gel capsules are also a bonus, as they’re better for both you and the environment. Follow our kit directions closely to discover the best way to detox THC.