Green Gone Detox has developed the best marijuana detox kits to safely flush your system in a reliable time frame. Use our kits with medical-grade testing strips and track your progress! Our pharmacist-developed THC detox products are designed to provide perfect nutritional support for your body’s natural THC metabolite elimination processes.

With our natural approach, we help your body increase its normal THC metabolization and elimination. These detox products contain no masking or concealing agents, meaning your body and your urine is free from any irregularities that come with risky masking products. Our detox kits and nutritional support products are the best way to lower THC metabolite levels in your system, whether you’re re-entering the workforce or just taking a tolerance break.

Bodily Processes Enhanced Organically

Drug screenings don’t test for THC itself, but for the metabolic compounds stored in your body’s fat cells after the THC is broken down. What makes Green Gone Detox products the best for marijuana detox is that they were engineered by pharmacists who understand the biological process of THC metabolite creation and elimination. By focusing and assisting what your body already does best, our detox products ensure faster elimination of these compounds.

Take Control of Your Testing

Check your progress and increase your confidence in our detox kits when you test yourself at home! Each kit contains medical-grade urine test strips similar to the ones you may encounter in an actual drug test. These strips are calibrated to the same 50ng/ml threshold that most athletic, academic, and employment screenings use. Test yourself throughout the detox process with the same standards you may see in the future for more confident THC detoxes.

We’re Here for Support

Green Gone Detox offers the best marijuana detox kits and products because we put you first. Our staff is here to guide you along every step of the way. Your choice of responsible medication or recreation should remain your business, but we’re here to help with whatever you need.

If you have any questions about our products or need additional information and instruction, contact our customer service department at (419) 516-4734. You can also head over to our FAQ page to see if we’ve already addressed your questions or concerns online. Don’t forget to explore our blog for the latest conversations in detoxing.

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