Weed Tolerance Break: An Overview

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Marijuana Tolerance Break

Much like other substances that have an effect on your brain, cannabis users can eventually build up a tolerance to marijuana. When a person tries cannabis for the first time, small doses can produce a significant effect. But as time goes on, the same dose doesn’t seem as powerful. These changes occur because our brain and body can start to adapt to the cannabinoids found in cannabis. This can make it much more difficult for us to feel the effects of cannabis.

While this tolerance and other effects on the brain have been studied for years, marijuana patients are just starting to understand how tolerance can affect their dosage and consumption. Many consider trying a weed tolerance break to see if it makes a difference to the effects of THC. If you’re wondering what a cannabis tolerance break can do for you, read on to learn more.

How Do You Assess Someone’s Tolerance?

Unfortunately, we can only estimate a person’s tolerance level when they use cannabis products. The only real way to assess a person’s level of tolerance is to be aware of the dosage and compare the effects to present and past usage. Each person is different, and cannabis effects are affected by so many different factors that keeping track of your experience is deeply personalized. It can also be difficult to determine how quickly a person will eventually build up a tolerance to certain cannabis products.

There are a number of different factors that can contribute to someone’s cannabis tolerance, including a person’s height, weight, level of consumption, usage methods, or level of THC strength in their products. It’s important to remember that cannabis tolerance can only be assessed over time. A weed tolerance break will also change a person’s tolerance and possibly revive the effect of THC.

How Does Cannabis Tolerance Develop?

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We know that cannabis tolerance can develop due to being exposed to THC for a certain length of time. But let’s take a closer look at what this tolerance looks like on the brain. Basically, tolerance to a drug is a neurological process that scientists and doctors refer to as downregulation.

When you first start using a substance like cannabis, your brain has a certain number of receptors (CB1 receptors) that are used to maintain a balance in the brain. This is referred to as homeostasis. As a user continues to consume cannabis, the brain will start to reduce the number of CB1 receptors that are activated by THC. The reduction in the CB1 receptor is downregulation, and eventually, you perceive less and less effect from cannabis, leading many to consider a weed tolerance break.

Why Taking a Cannabis Tolerance Break Is Beneficial

If you’re a medicinal marijuana patient and you feel as though you’ve built up a strong tolerance to cannabis, it may be time to take a weed tolerance break. The only other alternative is to keep using more and more cannabis, which can not only be an unhealthy habit but can also be very expensive. Taking a marijuana tolerance break can help reset your body’s reaction to cannabis, allowing you to use less when you start again.

How to Take a Weed Tolerance Break

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