Top Reasons to Reset Your THC Tolerance

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If you frequently use cannabis products, your THC tolerance may be getting in the way of the therapeutic benefits you’re looking for. Cannabis tolerance develops as your body’s natural desire to remain in balance adapts to your use of cannabis products. The result is that you end up needing an increased amount of product to get the same level of effects. That doesn’t mean your chosen products are no longer working, just that your body is adapting to the frequent presence of cannabinoids in your system. For many, this can lead to an unsustainable increase in cost.

Why Tolerance Isn’t a Universal Experience

It’s important to understand that everyone’s body chemistry is different, as is their reaction to cannabis. While one person may develop a high THC tolerance in a short amount of time, another user may seemingly not develop a tolerance at all. In addition, tolerance is affected by your usage patterns, so an infrequent user will develop a tolerance slower than if the same person used THC products on a daily basis. Since so many people rely on cannabis as part of their health and wellness routine, learning not only the body’s tolerance but how to reset that tolerance is vital to maintaining their treatment.

How THC Tolerance Develops

THC and other cannabinoids bind to receptor sites in your body where endocannabinoids, similar compounds naturally produced by your own body, also are meant to bind to. At first, your body readily accepts this influx of active compounds which it recognizes as beneficial chemicals. As it gets used to the increased presence of cannabinoids in your system, however, it begins to block these sites as a way to maintain equilibrium. This becomes a cannabis tolerance. As you take in more products to get the same effects, your body shuts down even more receptors in an attempt to maintain the status quo.

Why Users Reset Their THC Tolerance

  • A Desire To Restore The Effectiveness Of Cannabis - Whether they’re using cannabis for THC, CBD, CBG or any of a host of other active compounds, a tolerance can build up, giving them diminishing returns on their usage. Resetting their cannabis tolerance lets them once again get the full effects of their desired cannabinoids or terpenes.
  • It Saves Them Money - Depending on your local laws, it may not be possible to affordably grow your own cannabis, and market conditions in some locations keep prices high, placing consistently higher doses outside the reach of many cannabis users. Resetting their THC tolerance allows them to get the same effects without spending more money.
  • To Help Them Switch To Low THC Strains - For some users, a low or no-THC strain is preferable, whether it be for personal reasons, legal reasons, or employment reasons. Resetting your tolerance can make transitioning easier, while also allowing you to get the full benefits of the CBD and other non-psychoactive compounds.

How To Reset Your Tolerance

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In order to reset your THC tolerance, you need to reduce the levels of THC and its metabolites in your body.

  1. Reduce Or Eliminate THC Usage - Although temporarily eliminating the usage of THC while you’re detoxing will lead to a faster reset, it’s not always possible. If you cannot eliminate THC entirely, try microdosing or using only the smallest amounts of THC at a time, in place of your usual routine.
  2. Support Your Body’s Natural Elimination Process - While your body will eliminate cannabis metabolites on its own, you can help support the process in order to minimize the time it takes. Use our detox calculator to find the right kit for your usage pattern. Our pharmacist-created formula uses all-natural ingredients based on the latest cannabis research and organic chemistry. This helps your body eliminate cannabis metabolites from your body, resetting your THC tolerance faster.

Don’t let a high cannabis tolerance rob your products of their effectiveness. Order a Green Gone THC detox kit online today and restore your body’s ability to make use of the full benefits of your cannabis products.

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