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Green Gone Detox strives to be your best source for THC detox kits.

Mission statement: We strive to provide the highest quality THC detox product available, while providing the best customer service possible.

Our story:

In March of 2015 friends approached us wanting to cleanse their body of THC. Yet, when we surveyed the internet for solutions to this common problem, we couldn't really find a thc detox that made any sense, and also found many case reports of people claiming it took them months to obtain a negative test. We found several options, but no good ones. We decided that a better option needs to be developed. It was not easy. Two years and dozens of tries later, we our confident in our formula that we provide to you. Unfortunately, it appears as though many of our competitors have skipped straight to the selling and $$$ part, without really putting much thought or effort into what they are selling, which is a shame. We want to provide a product that produces the results the consumer is looking for every time.

See what we mean! 

"More than two years were spent developing this product after extensive investigation. Using new technology, we are confident our product works better than anything out there." (Brad, Green Gone Pharmacist)

We are based in Toledo, Ohio

Our product was manufactured at a GMP approved / FDA approved facility known as MasterBlends in Spring, Texas.

Check out our products: https://greengonedetox.com/collections/all

If you would like to learn more about us or ask a question contact us by by email at: Support@greengonedetox.com

Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST