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The following endorsements are from people in the medical and law enforcement communities.

- Sarah, Probation Officer, Pennsylvania writes: "I have seen a lot of crazy attempts to pass a urine test for weed. We will catch you with fake urine, and lab tests can catch flushing with watered down samples. Green Gone's approach is foolproof and can provide you with a clean sample that will pass both instant tests and more rigorous lab testing."

- Jan, Pharmacist, Ohio writes: "This is truly a unique product that uses new technology not yet used before by other thc detox kits that are well known to not work. I highly endorse this product and if I personally had a friend or relative that needed to pass a drug test I would show this to them."

- Jerry, Pharmacist, N. Carolina writes: "The science behind Green Gone truly works and has been tested and proven to decrease the amount of time in the urine with a standard test. Why waste money on non-proven products?"

- Kenny, Pharmacist, Georgia writes: "As a pharmacist, my main concern is to understand how a product works and to and to make sure it works well. The science behind Green Gone is solid. The results speak for themselves."

- Jason, Pharmacist, California writes: "Green Gone actually targets THC and eliminates it. I highly recommend this product. I also recommend an honest detox like this rather than a fake urine approach, which can actually get you into more trouble than failing."

- Joe, Pharmacist, Ohio writes: "As a pharmacist, I must view all dietary supplements with some doubt. It is my job to know what works and what doesn't. I was surprised to discover a THC cleanse with Green Gone that really works! I was not surprised when I learned that Green Gone was created by a team of pharmacists that could figure out how to do it."

- Brad, Pharmacist, Ohio writes: "Based on what I've seen, this product works more reliably than any other thc detox kit on the market that I know of. Green Gone definitely earned my approval."

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