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The following endorsements are from medical professionals. 

- Jan, Pharmacist, Ohio writes: "This is truly a unique product that uses new technology not yet used before by other thc detox kits that are well known to not work. I highly endorse this product and if I personally had a friend or relative that needed to pass a drug test I would show this to them."

- Jerry, Pharmacist, N. Carolina writes: "The science behind Green Gone truly works and has been tested and proven to decrease the amount of time in the urine with a standard test. Why waste money on non-proven products?"

- Kenny, Pharmacist, Georgia writes: "As a pharmacist, my main concern is to understand how a product works and to and to make sure it works well. The science behind Green Gone is solid. The results speak for themselves."

- Jason, Pharmacist, California writes: "Green Gone actually targets THC and eliminates it. I highly recommend this product. I also recommend an honest detox like this rather than a fake urine approach, which can actually get you into more trouble than failing."

- Joe, Pharmacist, Ohio writes: "As a pharmacist, I must view all dietary supplements with some doubt. It is my job to know what works and what doesn't. I was surprised to discover a THC cleanse with Green Gone that really works! I was not surprised when I learned that Green Gone was created by a team of pharmacists that could figure out how to do it."

- Brad, Pharmacist, Ohio writes: "Based on what I've seen, this product works more reliably than any other thc detox kit on the market that I know of. Green Gone definitely earned my approval."

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