What is The Holistic Approach to Health?

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Many people hear the words “holistic approach to health,” and they’re not quite sure what to think. Is this about naturopathy, alternative medicine, herbs from Asia and other faraway places? While these are all part of a holistic lifestyle, they aren’t the whole story. If you’re wondering exactly what is a holistic approach to health, Green Gone Detox can help you understand more about it. Read on here for a brief overview that discusses comprehensive wellness, complementary therapies, and somatic treatment.

Treating Your Whole Self

The main tenet of the holistic approach to health is caring for the entire person. This includes attention to your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. Your overall health is rooted in all of these aspects of your life, and you can’t treat one without considering the others.

One common example of a mental concern that affects other aspects of your health is stress. It’s often a psychological response to triggers in your life, but it results in physical symptoms including headaches and difficulty sleeping. The same is true in reverse as well, as physical issues can cause anxiety and depression. Many studies also show that having healthy relationships and spiritual guidance can affect physical things like your blood pressure and stress levels. What is the holistic approach? It’s looking at your entire life as a whole instead of treating different parts of you piecemeal.

Complementary Therapies

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There are many different kinds of therapies that doctors can use to improve your health. These include clinically proven therapies — like surgery, dietary changes, pharmaceuticals, psychological counseling, and exercising — as well as evidence-based alternative therapies like massage, yoga, and acupuncture.

What a holistic approach entails is combining all of these therapies to create a personalized plan that is made specifically for each individual. Maybe you’re in chronic pain, and the medical approach isn’t working. Well, a holistic provider might combine the medications you’re already taking with alternative therapies to ensure you’re getting comprehensive care. They’ll even ask you about the emotional pain in your life to explore psychosomatic treatment options. Instead of just treating your pain, they treat you as a person with all the tools they have available.

A Change to Your Lifestyle

Wellness is a concern that often takes a back seat to your job, your family, or more immediate life problems. As a culture, we should pivot to placing our health first and making sure we’re eating healthier foods, staying hydrated, exercising enough, and sleeping the recommended amount. But even these small expectations from our lifestyle tend to fall by the wayside in favor of seemingly more urgent matters.

At Green Gone Detox, we believe in prioritizing self-care. With a holistic approach to your life, you empower yourself to make better choices.

Detoxing & Holistic Health

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Our detox kits intersect with holistic health in a major way. Taking care of yourself improves the efficacy of our products and ensures they work. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what a holistic approach to health is and how it can make a major change to your wellness.

Improve your life today when you take the first steps towards holistic health!

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