Holistic Stress Management Tips

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There are times in everyone’s life where everything just seems a little too overwhelming. Your emotions are out of control, and you feel like you can’t get a handle on what’s going on around you. These are key indicators that you might just be too stressed out! At Green Gone Detox, we’re here with some holistic stress management tips that can help you change your mindset and take back control. Learn all about herbal supplements for stress and more here!

1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best holistic stress management techniques because it produces endorphins that affect your body and mind in numerous beneficial ways. Endorphins are natural pain killers that improve and stabilize your mood. They can also decrease your overall tension levels and improve your sleep. Many doctors recommend mild to moderate-intensity workouts each day to increase your energy levels.

2. Meditation

During meditation, you have the opportunity to sort through your jumbled thoughts and try to organize and deal with whatever is causing you stress. In a state of deep relaxation, many people experience the clarity they need to find solutions to their problems and figure out how to tackle the day ahead. You can meditate any time during the day — for 30 minutes in the morning or even for 10 minutes on your lunch break. Any time your emotions threaten to overwhelm you, take a couple of minutes to try this holistic stress management technique.

3. Herbs

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Herbal supplements for stress are a common holistic stress management technique that can make a huge difference in your life. From soothing chamomile and lavender to St. John’s Wort and white willow extract, these herbs can effectively reduce inflammation and pain as well as affecting the chemicals that communicate anxiety and stress throughout your nervous system.

4. Talk Therapy

If you want to avoid having your stress spiral out of control and lead to more serious mental illnesses, speaking with a professional can help you with issues that are too difficult to face alone. Whether your stress is caused by feelings of loneliness, lack of social acceptance, mental rumination, or other emotional concerns, speaking with a therapist can help you work through your feelings together. Therapy seeks to help you understand the root of your feelings and deal with them in a natural and healthy way.

5. Create Boundaries

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You can take a more active role in your holistic stress management by creating boundaries for yourself and others. Outline the behaviors you won’t accept and establish the time and space you need to create a healthy mental outlook. Sometimes this means learning how to say no to additional demands at work, and other times it necessitates telling friends and family that you need to take some time for yourself.

A Holistic Life

Leading a stress-free life is a combination of many things, including a healthy diet, exercise regimen, and sleeping habits as well as an improved mental outlook. Start your journey towards a happier life today.


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