The Ultimate Detox Diet Plan

balanced detox diet plan with fish and veggies

No matter your reason for detoxing — whether it’s for a tolerance reset or a drug test — there are ways to make your cleanse more efficient and effective. From quitting cold turkey to utilizing marijuana flushing kits and detox diet plans, Green Gone Detox can help you figure out whether your diet is affecting the levels of THC still present in your body. Ready for a weed detox diet to help you maximize your cleanse? Check out the advice from the team at Green Gone Detox today!


Water is an essential part of any detox diet plan, as it helps flush THC from your system through your urine. Many people don’t know that THC is normally bound to albumin and can’t clear your body through urine because albumin is too large to pass through the nephron membrane. Once broken down by the white willow extract in our marijuana detox kits, however, water can help speed up the detoxification process, flushing THC metabolites out of your body.

You can add more water to your diet with more than just liquids — start eating cucumbers, beets, watermelon, and other high water content foods to help with your flush.

High Fiber

A good weed detox diet goes beyond avoiding sugary foods and loading your day with lean protein, veggies, and whole grains. You want to make sure you’re eating the right macronutrients each day. Foods with tons of fiber are essential to affecting the THC levels in your body. They make a big difference to the elimination process and help you move everything in your body that much more quickly.

Other Substances

substances to remove from your weed detox diet

While you’ve stopped smoking or eating marijuana, you might still be enjoying the occasional cigarette or a couple of beers each night with dinner. You should know that these and other substances can negatively affect your detox diet plan. Alcohol causes water retention and dehydration, making it more difficult to flush THC from your system, and other substances can erode your motivation to complete your system cleanse. Stay away from all other drugs and alcohol to ensure you’re getting the most out of your detox.


It’s always been difficult to get all the nutrients you need from food. When it comes to a detox diet plan, it’s even more important that you use supplements to bolster your changing food regimen and help you deal with any withdrawal symptoms.

Niacin is one vitamin that helps people flush more toxins from their system, while other B vitamins can help improve your energy levels. Magnesium is also a good supplement choice, as it helps your muscles relax and increases the absorption of other essential vitamins and minerals.

Start Today!

With these tips on amplifying your system cleanse, you can affect the THC levels in your body much more quickly. Explore our other tips for detoxing to create a comprehensive detox diet plan today.

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