Ingredient Spotlight | White Willow And Its Benefits

white willow tree bark

You may be familiar with white willow tree bark already, as it is the source of the main ingredient in aspirin. It has been a popular plant for centuries throughout Egypt, Europe, and China due to its pain-relieving tendencies. At Green Gone Detox, we also use white willow extract in our kits to help ensure their efficacy. Learn more about the benefits of white willow bark.

How it Works for Us

We use 15% white willow extract in our kits to break down the binding between albumin and THC. If these two compounds are bound together, the THC in your system is too large to pass through the nephron membrane and cannot be metabolized. The same salicylates that make it such an effective pain reliever also work on the bonds that make the THC compound so large. Once broken down, the THC can pass out of your body through your urine.

This newly-discovered benefit of white willow bark is one of the most powerful effects of our unique detox kits. You can use them to reset your tolerance, improve your health, and more.

Other Benefits

In the past, white willow tree bark was used to treat fever and pain. While this is still the most popular use for white willow, there have been new developments that provide even more benefits than ever before.

Pain Relief

Modern society has distilled the power of salicin from white willow into aspirin, allowing people to enjoy many white willow benefits. It’s common knowledge that aspirin:

  • Alleviates pain from headaches
  • Decreases inflammation from arthritis
  • Reduces body temperature
  • Affects muscle & joint pain

The main ingredient that affects the body in such a powerful way is called salicylic acid, and it is made from the naturally-occurring salicin found in white willow.

Skincare Benefits

skincare white willow benefits

Since its use as a pain reliever, scientists have discovered that the benefits of white willow extend to skincare. Salicylic acid is a vital ingredient in many cleansers, toners, and exfoliating products. The acid quickly and gently clears away dead skin cells and other contaminants, revealing healthy cells beneath. The skincare industry extolls its power to clear pores and keep skin fresh.

White Willow For The Heart

The American Heart Association has long acknowledged that taking a low dose of aspirin each day can prevent strokes and heart attacks. Because white willow is such an integral part of aspirin, it seems that salicin may have positive effects on heart health. If you think you should be taking aspirin or white willow regularly, consult your doctor about beginning a regimen.

Minimal Side Effects

One of the reasons white willow is such a popular option for pain relief and fever management is because it is less likely to cause side effects than most other pain relievers. Salicin is very gentle on the stomach and has minimal gastrointestinal reactions.

Green Gone Detox And White Willow

natural herbal detox tea

Green Gone Detox added this herb to our patented detox blend because of all the white willow benefits and its minimal side effects. Ready to learn about the other ingredients in our formula? Explore the Horsetail Spotlight and Sodium Bicarb Spotlight today.

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