Green Gone Ingredient Spotlight: Sodium Bicarbonate

Green Gone Ingredient Spotlight: Sodium Bicarbonate

One of the key reasons our Green Gone detox kits are so effective is due to sodium bicarbonate’s benefits. While this is a common substance found in kitchens across the country, with the right sodium bicarbonate dosage, you can help boost your body’s natural THC elimination process. This safe, natural ingredient is one of the cornerstones of our formula, but it doesn’t stop there. This handy supplement is a true powerhouse when it comes to your health and wellness.

What is Sodium Bicarbonate?

Commonly known as baking soda, sodium bicarbonate is comprised of a single sodium atom bonded to a carbonate molecule (one carbon, hydrogen, and three oxygen atoms joined together). This high pH white powder is a popular base (or alkaline), the opposite of an acid. High pH is what leads to many sodium bicarbonate benefits.

  • Antiacid - One of the reasons so many people use baking soda, is it is a cheap, over-the-counter antiacid. The alkaline powder helps neutralize excess stomach acid, potentially easing an upset stomach and preventing a buildup that could lead to reflux or damage to your stomach or esophagus. These sodium bicarbonate benefits are fast-acting, and a single sodium bicarbonate dosage is often enough to relieve symptoms. This can be an important aid to someone who is detoxing from cannabis but used cannabis to fight nausea or stomach ailments.
  • Raises Blood pH - One of the challenges in boosting the efficiency of your natural THC elimination process is that the acidity of blood and THC metabolites are very close to equal. One of sodium bicarbonate’s benefits is that it raises blood pH levels. Since acids and bases are both trying to reach a more pH neutral state, this encourages more of the acidic THC metabolites to enter your blood where they can be filtered and eliminated.
  • Improves Kidney Function - Some studies have indicated that a daily sodium bicarbonate dosage can help improve your kidneys’ ability to cleanse your blood, going so far as to help combat the reduction in effectiveness seen in chronic kidney disease. This helps increase the amount of THC metabolites that your kidneys remove from your blood as it passes through them.
  • General Alkalyzing Agent - When you are carrying more acid in your body, your risk for a wide range of ailments increases. Gout, inflammation, osteoporosis, and arthritis, among others, have all been linked to lower overall pH levels.

Detox Naturally

Green Gone 5-day THC detox kit with benefits of sodium bicarbonate

Put the benefits of sodium bicarbonate to work for you. Our pharmacist-designed formula uses natural ingredients in precise dosages to help support your natural THC elimination functions. This can help you pass potential screenings, reset your tolerances, or just give your body the help it needs to feel better. Use our detox calculator to find the right kit for you and order your Green Gone detox kit today.

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