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6 Uncommonly Known THC Detox Advantages

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You know that performing a THC detox is a must if you need to pass a drug test or are thinking of getting pregnant. However, you may be surprised to find out there are a few THC detox advantages that don’t often get a mention. Here are our top six lesser-known THC detox benefits:

1. Travel More

The legal status of cannabis varies around the world, with countries like the Netherlands promoting recreational cannabis and others banning it outright. Expand your horizons and travel with peace of mind by detoxing from THC before your trip. You’ll avoid problems at the border and see more of the world than you ever imagined.

2. Lower Your Suicide Risk

Studies indicate that adolescent cannabis users have a risk of attempting suicide later in life that is more than three times higher than the general population. If you’re a young person considering THC detox advantages, it is definitely worth thinking about the fact that detoxing from cannabis now may improve your mental health in the long term.

3. Sharpen Your Thinking

It goes without saying, but abstaining from a drug that may alter your perception of space and time is going to improve your memory and allow you to think more clearly. A sharper mind and better memory will enhance your performance at work as well as improving your relationships with those closest to you.

4. Get Healthier and More Fit

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To help you get THC out of your system faster, most experts recommend increased water intake, regular cardio exercise, and a healthy diet that includes fiber-rich green leafy vegetables and lean proteins. When you incorporate these changes as part of your THC detox, the advantages for your health can be dramatic:

5. Save Money Faster

No matter how you take your cannabis, you will inevitably be spending money that could go towards other things (like that world trip). By taking a break and detoxing your system, you’ll potentially save money that you can put towards your future goals.

6. Rekindle the Flame

This is one of the least-cited detox benefits out there but one that needs to be on the list. Cleansing from cannabis for a period of days or weeks can actually renew your relationship with the herb and allow you to enjoy your cannabis like you did at first. It’s like the saying goes, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

Enhance the Advantages of a THC Detox with Green Gone

The process of ridding your body of THC takes time and there isn’t a magic pill. However, you can make your body’s cleansing mechanisms more efficient by using a product like Green Gone. Created by pharmacists through a painstaking journey of testing and reformulation, this product combines the most effective natural ingredients to take THC out of your system two-to-three times faster than your body would be able to do alone. Read our detox facts page to learn more about our system and buy a THC detox kit to enjoy these lesser-known detox advantages faster!

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