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How Can I Get the Best Results from Green Gone Detox?

healthy diet

We call this "The Big Four".

For the simple reason that there are 4 known things you can do on your own to get THC metabolites out of your system faster, these 4 things are really independent of any product. However, doing these along with Green Gone can maximize your results and get you there even faster!

Here are the four most important things:

 Avoid alcohol

1. Avoid alcohol - Pretty self explanatory. Alcohol is a liver inhibitor, which minimizes your bodies ability to break down THC into metabolites that are more water soluble (cleared from the body faster). 


Dietary fiber

2. Eat more fiber-rich foods - Fiber is great to have in your diet just generally speaking as it keeps your gut and bowels clear by binding substances. The same is true for THC metabolites. As around half of all THC metabolites are cleared through the bowel, it makes sense that this binding effect helps eliminate more metabolites quicker in this way.


cardio exercise

3. Cardiovascular exercise - It is well-documented that THC, along with some of the subsequent metabolites are stored in fat cells. Exercise helps you burn fat to release these compounds. Additionally THC metabolites are secreted in sweat, so cardiovascular exercise gives added benefit there as well.



4. Stay well hydrated - This one is paramount. Your body needs added water to make more urine in order to clear metabolites. We recommend drinking the normal 8 glasses of 8 oz. water a day. Being well hydrated is important, but overconsumption of water can lead to dilution of the ingredients before they can take effect. 


There you have it - "The Big Four" 

When the above alone isn't enough reach out to us to see how Green Gone Detox can help you reach your goals!

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