Detox THC: A Step by Step Guide

Detox THC: A Step by Step Guide

Detox THC:

A Step by Step Guide

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How long does THC stay in your urine? What are my odds? We seemingly get these questions daily. The topic can get complicated really fast. Our role is to evaluate customers, and then try to help them the best way that we can. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter remains that THC detox IS NOT an exact science and everyone’s situation is seemingly different, although we use science and statistics to help us. You may have read many conflicting pieces of information on this topic as well. However, we have identified several key FACTS to give you an idea of how long THC will be detectable in your urine based on your baseline attributes. There are also several pieces of information that you are going to want to know to decrease your time to a negative test that we will share with you openly. To make it easy we will try to approach your THC detox in a step by step format. Here are the 7 steps to a successful negative urine THC test.

Step 1: Confirm collection method.

Urine being by far the most common. Other bodily fluids like blood or mouth swab are fine too as they have similar time windows, but a hair test is an entirely different ball game, so make sure of the collection method far prior to going in.

Step 2: Determine how much time you have.

Pretty straight forward. This will give you an idea of what you can realistically accomplish. If you have well over a month or two you may be able do a simple abstinence detox without much else. Conversely, if you are 300 pounds and smoke several grams a day and your test is in 2 days you simply don’t have a prayer. Not trying to be negative, but that’s pretty much a well-documented mathematical and scientific fact. Here’s the person you don’t want to be though, and this scenario absolutely does happen often. Person who finds out they have a drug test in a few weeks, does a self-check a day or 2 prior, is still failing with flying colors, and now has nearly no time to do anything about it. I’ve been called by these people hundreds of times but if there is no time left to even ship our product, let alone use it, so there is unfortunately little that can be done. Many other companies will do a shameless money grab on you first, then fall off the face of the earth knowing that the odds are against you. We don’t do that. We turn customers away if we determine we can’t help them.

Step 3: Come up with a best guess as to how long it will take you at baseline.

This is probably the hardest part, and easily the biggest struggle, as it’s difficult to be spot on. Here are some key factors we have identified that you should consider:

Age- The younger the better. Younger people are almost always faster metabolizers.

Gender- Males tend to be faster than females typically.

Weight- This one is a huge factor. We draw the line right around 200 pounds. If you are over that definitely expect it to take longer (as THC is also stored in fat cells).

Usage- As in how often you smoke. Daily for our purposes is considered heavy use, even if the daily use is light the metabolites tend to add up over time. A single event typically is 4-7 days depending on your characteristics, 1-2 times a week usually take 10-14 days and daily use averages a month. Yet this is population data. Many people take much longer 6-8 weeks +

Oils, edibles, and concentrates – If yes to waxes, dabs, oils, edibles etc. expect it to take longer. Why? Simply put, these are higher in THC content, so they generate more metabolites.

Time already abstinent – Already haven’t used in a few weeks? Well there you go, you might very well be on your way, and should do your first self-check.

Here’s some medical grade test strips at the standard 50ng/ml concentration labs look for:Test Strips

Step 4: Pick your method.

Evaluate your options thoroughly and feel free to reach out to us for help. Our pharmacist will give you an honest opinion, regardless of if we can help you or not and the advice is free. Here is our assessment that matches potential customers to the best product: THC DETOX CALCULATOR

Step 5: Be careful and use test strips.

When we say “be careful” we are mostly talking about collection method, but also the strips used. Make sure it is a well hydrated mid catch. Mid catch means you urinate 5-10 seconds, collect the sample, then finish urinating into the toilet. The middle of the urine stream will always have lower metabolite concentrations given the metabolites sinking or floating when held in the bladder. Faint lines are passes so don’t worry if the line is faint. When you go to pick out your strips we highly recommend using FDA approved, made in the USA, 50ng/ml strips. Why? They are the same that the labs use, are >99% accurate looking for the same reference range the lab will be looking for. These are the only kind we sell.

Step 6: Take your test.

Take the test for real, well hydrated mid catch after you confirm you are passing with home kits. If not, evaluate your options and timeline.

Step 7: Get a pass.


If you have any problems or are in a time pinch feel free to reach out to us:



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