How to pass a drug test for weed

how to pass a drug test for weed THC detox

This is the basic problem many people want to seek a "how to" guide regarding a test is coming up. Unfortunately, the internet is littered with shady products well known to not work. Fortunately, there many specific advantages exclusive to Green Gone Detox. The key to passing a drug test for THC (weed, marijuana, cannabis) is evaluating your options thoroughly, and picking what is right for your situation. We can help you decide what will work best for you. You can take our assessment here: THC Detox calculator, or view our products here: Green Gone Store

How to pass a drug test for weed

1. Designed by pharmacists

It all starts at the level of the product designer. When we first started GG back in 2015 as an idea I thought naturally that most of our competitors would have professional medical training and sell well-researched products for us to compete with. Such is laughably not the case. I have yet to meet a single THC Detox competitor with any sort of healthcare background apart from us, as their background is predominantly in marketing. Right off the bat many of our competitors just want to sell you something and after the money changes hands, the customer service and product expectations will start to fall apart quickly. They don't seemingly care about that either though as long as people are still buying their product, which is truly sad. To improve upon their lack of scientific understanding and product-design prowess we decided to start from scratch using the following. 

Pharmacist Approved

2. Safe, all natural ingredients

Our second step was to find the finest ingredients we possibly could. Using the known kinetics of THC, and sifting through much research we found the top 5 ingredients to help clear THC faster based on scientific evidence, and the behavior of THC-COOH (main metabolite of THC, yet there are several others) in the human body.

To quickly summarize our product contains:

  • St John Wort - A natural plant proven to be a potent liver enzyme inducer. 
  • Sodium bicarb - This helps to increase the pH of urine to dissolve THC-COOH. 
  • White willow 15% extract - To decrease the blood protein binding of THC.
  • Horsetail extract - A diuretic to maximize the flush effect.
  • Psyllium husk - To bind metabolites in the lower gut.

3. Made at the USA at a GMP approved, FDA inspected facility

This goes along with the whole using safe and natural ingredients approach. Unfortunately, many of our competitors don't make their product in the USA, Canada, or the UK. Many of their products are made in China, The Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, or a variety of African countries. The reason that the companies do this is to firstly exploit the cheap labor of the struggling native people. Secondly, and even more insidiously, by making the product in countries with lower or no regulations on herbal and dietary supplements they can make the supplement cheaper and claim ingredients and/or dosages that they do not actually have. Several of these companies don't even exactly know what is physically in their product because they don't regularly do quality control to make sure the ingredients and dosages on the label match. The labeling requirements are more lax as well, so they can claim potency and dosage that you are not actually getting. Products like this routinely get taken off the market by the FDA here in the states, but only after people have gotten hurt by their product. The impression we have gotten is that the FDA is having a hard time keeping up with the amount of fraud being committed in the field. We spent the extra time and money to have our product made in the USA at a properly inspected facility so the manufacturing safety issues I mentioned could be entirely avoided.


4. A Simple Process

Because our product is not a masking agent there are no time-sensitive instructions, or highly complex prep you need to do prior to your test. You simply take the capsules three times a day for the suggested length of your detox. The results are also permanent which adds a layer comfort knowing that once to test clean at home you will be fine moving forward as long as you are abstinent. You simply take the capsules, when finished test yourself at home for the piece of mind, and from then on as long as you are abstinent you won't have to worry. See what would work best for you: Assessment

How to get weed out of your system

5. More major advantages:

Permanent - Once you are clean it's a done deal as long as you are abstinent (plus don't have to worry about a time sensitive mask that can flag at the center)

>99% Success Rates!

Money back guarantee!

Free Shipping!

We strive to provide the best product and best service to our customers every time. When you are ready to start: Green Gone Store
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