How to pass a drug test for weed

how to pass a drug test for weed THC detox

How to pass a drug test for weed

Best Ways to Flush THC

Many people are seeking a "how-to" guide regarding a drug test they have coming up. Unfortunately, the internet is littered with shady products, well known to not work. Fortunately, there are also a number of products that do work — like Green Gone Detox. With the advantages exclusive to Green Gone Detox, you now have the key to passing a drug test for THC (weed, marijuana, cannabis). We can help you decide the best way to flush THC from your system with our products. Take the THC Detox calculator assessment and learn more about how it works before buying our products in the Green Gone Store.

1.Designed by Pharmacists

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It all starts at the level of product design. When we first started Green Gone Detox back in 2015, we naturally thought that most of our competitors would have professional medical training and sell well-researched products for us to compete with. As it turns out, this is not the case. We have yet to meet a single THC Detox competitor with any sort of healthcare background apart from us. All of our competitors predominantly have a background in marketing.

Instead of paltry research and a hastily put together product, the minds behind Green Gone Detox strive to improve the science behind the best ways to flush THC from your body. We care about our customers and want them to have successful detox experiences, so every step we take is to improve the understanding of the process through pharmacist designed products.

2.Safe, All-Natural Ingredients

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After talking to some pharmacists about our plans and hearing about the types of ingredients and formulations they were considering, we needed to find the finest ingredients we possibly could. Using the known kinetics of THC, and sifting through tons of research, we found the top five ingredients to help clear THC faster. Based on this scientific evidence, and the behavior of THC-COOH (the main metabolite of THC) in the human body, we created the best way to flush THC from your body.

Our product contains:

3.GMP Approved & FDA Inspected Facility

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Along with using safe and natural ingredients, we’ve taken the extra steps of having our products GMP-approved and our facility inspected by the FDA. Our products are also made in the United States to ensure even stricter quality control. Since none of these steps are requirements for THC detox products, many other companies choose not to spend the extra money and time it takes to guarantee the absolute safety of their products. Many products come from China, Vietnam, or the Philippines to exploit the cheap labor and take advantage of minimal regulations on the formulation of their products.

At Green Gone Detox, we truly believe that our products are the best way to flush THC from your system because we formulate them with precise dosages and regular quality control. Our labeling is incredibly accurate, and you can trust every ingredient that goes into our detox aids. We go above and beyond for better quality, safer products that really work.

4.A Simple Process

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Because our product is not a masking agent, there are no time-sensitive instructions or any highly complex prep you need to do prior to your test. You simply take the capsules three times a day for the suggested length of your detox. The results are also permanent, which adds a layer of comfort. You know that once you test clean at home, as long you are abstinent, you’ll also test clean everywhere else.

Our detox kits include test strips, so there is no doubt about whether the detox has worked. Enjoy peace of mind when you choose the best way to flush THC from your body with Green Gone Detox.

5.Other Benefits of Green Gone Detox Products

There are many other reasons to choose Green Gone Detox for your cleanse including:

  • 99% Success Rates!
  • Money-Back Guarantee!

We strive to provide the best product and best service to our customers every time.

Are you ready to get started? Visit the Green Gone Store today to find the kits and test strips you need!

Questions about the best way to flush THC? Call or text us: 419-455-122

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