Ingredient Spotlight: Psyllium Husk Benefits

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Psyllium Husk Uses & More

At Green Gone Detox, we use psyllium husk in our detox kits to help you get rid of THC fast. Psyllium husk has tons of benefits that flush your system and help improve your overall health — from your gut to your heart. Learn more about this shrub-like herbal ingredient when you explore our psyllium husk spotlight for an overview of its effects and uses.

What Is Psyllium?

Psyllium (Plantago ovata) is a type of soluble fiber that’s found in the husk of the psyllium seed. While native to Asia and India, you can find it nearly anywhere — even in the Southwest US. Because psyllium husk has many benefits and uses, it has been transplanted all over the world. You’ll find psyllium as an ingredient in many laxatives, like Metamucil, as well as natural and herbal remedies for cleansing and healing. Most often, psyllium is used for its digestive benefits to help your body detox.

1. Weed Detox

One of the biggest psyllium husk benefits is that it’s a great source of fiber. When you increase your fiber intake, the THC in your liver and digestive tract has something to bind to, and as the psyllium husk exits your body, so does the THC. Working in tandem with the other herbs in our formulation, like horsetail, using psyllium husk for a cleanse is especially great for detoxing marijuana edibles, which not only enter your bloodstream and fat cells, but also end up in your digestive system.

2. Helps with Weight Loss

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Another of psyllium husk’s uses is as a weight loss tool because it has two essential properties that help: it’s a diuretic and it helps you feel more full. Psyllium husk benefits you as a diuretic because as it binds to partially digested food, it absorbs increasing quantities of water that make your digestion quicker and easier. The absorption of water, while it’s in the body, is due to psyllium being a soluble fiber. Studies show that soluble fiber has a much greater effect on your digestion than insoluble fiber like wheat bran.

A psyllium husk cleanse also helps control your appetite and makes you feel more full throughout the day — eliminating your urge to snack. If you’re not hungry, you’ll be eating less and reducing your calorie intake.

3. IBS

Another psyllium husk benefit that has to do with your digestive system is the way it can help control IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome has no definitive cause, but does result in an array of symptoms that range from uncomfortable to painful. Studies show that soluble fiber is a better way to improve these symptoms than insoluble fiber. You may want to add psyllium husk to your diet and see if it decreases your abdominal pain, distension, and bloating, as well as gas.

If you’re considering a psyllium husk cleanse for IBS, talk to your doctor about the best supplements and methods to ensure your health.

4. Prebiotic

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While we’ve mostly focused on psyllium husk’s benefits to aid in removing food from your digestive tract, it also contains prebiotics that are not meant to leave your system. These non-digestible compounds can nourish beneficial gut bacteria without increasing gas or causing digestive discomfort.

A healthy gut affects more than your digestion; it also ensures a stronger immune system, improved mood, and healthy sleep patterns. If you’re looking for a routine way to enhance your overall health, pre- and probiotics are the key. Because psyllium husk uses include these gut biome benefits, they’re a great general supplement — even if you don’t need to lose weight or improve your digestion.

5. High Cholesterol

So we’ve talked a lot about digestive psyllium husk benefits, but is there anything else it can do for you? The answer is a resounding yes! Studies have found that adding this soluble fiber to your everyday diet could be essential to lowering bad cholesterol (LDL).

Unsurprisingly, psyllium husk controls cholesterol through digestion. Because it interferes with how your intestines absorb bile acids, they’re forced out of your body in your stool. Bile acids are essential to liver function, so when you don’t have enough, your body ends up using LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol instead.

Lower cholesterol means a reduced risk of heart disease because there is no plaque buildup to constrict blood vessels and interfere with healthy heart function.

6. Heart Health

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We’ve just finished discussing how low cholesterol improves heart health, and it’s already well-known that all types of fiber are good for your heart. Fiber has been shown to improve cholesterol for one, but it can also lower blood pressure, as well as reduce the risk for stroke, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and other heart health concerns. When you add psyllium husk benefits to your life, you’re taking better care of your body and your heart.

7. Hemorrhoids

Oddly enough, digestive health is an important part of avoiding hemorrhoids. We don’t know what causes this condition, but swollen veins in your rectum can make bowel movements incredibly painful. One of psyllium husk’s benefits is as a stool softener, which can reduce the pressure on these veins and make your time on the toilet a little less painful.

8. Colon Cancer

Over the years, there have been numerous foods that contribute to fighting cancer. And now psyllium husk benefits join the list — specifically for colon cancer. While genetics, age, and inflammatory intestinal conditions increase the risk of colorectal cancer, our diet and lifestyle are also a big part of the equation. So many of our foods today are heavily processed, full of chemicals, and terrible for your digestion. With digestive aids, like psyllium husk, you can start to undo the damage from years of processed meats and other low-fiber, high-fat foods.

Please note that psyllium husk benefits alone won’t protect you from cancer. You still need to improve your overall health and protect your colon with regular exercise, healthier food options, and regular colon screenings.

Psyllium Husk at Green Gone Detox

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With all this information about psyllium husk uses, now you know why it’s such an important ingredient in our kits. Our psyllium husk cleanse formulation is developed by pharmacists to ensure we’re using the most powerful herbs and most effective dosage levels.

Ready to learn about the other ingredients in our detox kits? Explore our blog to discover other ingredient spotlights for white willow, sodium bicarbonate, and more! If you keep reading, you’ll also find unique ways to incorporate holistic health into your daily life to reduce stress, eat healthier, and live happier.

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