How to Spot Fake THC Detox Products For Drug Tests

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Whether you’re preparing to re-enter the workforce or you’re looking to reset your tolerance, detox products for drug testing can help. However, finding effective THC detox products that actually work can be a problem. At Green Gone Detox, we know what to look for in fake detox products, and our tips can help you spot them too! Learn what to look for today.

1. Laxatives

Many detox products feel like they’re working because you’re constantly hitting the porcelain throne. Unfortunately, this actually hints at the presence of laxatives more than the ability of a product to help flush toxins out of your system. If you see THC detox products that contain magnesium hydroxide, cascara, senna, and/or rhubarb, you should look elsewhere. These additions to detox blends will cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances instead of helping you remove cannabinoids from your system.

Even worse, if your detox pills don't include ingredients that actually break down the cannabinoids so that they can pass through the nephron barrier, it doesn’t matter how much you pee, you aren’t flushing anything out. THC cannabinoids will remain stored in your fat, hair, and saliva until they’re flushed out naturally.

2. Liver Boosters

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Many THC detox products claim that their herbal blend contains ingredients that boost liver function, but what does that actually mean? Typically, these products use something called milk thistle. If you take a look at studies that use milk thistle in detox attempts — conducted among alcoholics, marijuana users, and even hepatitis B and C patients — you’ll find that this herb has no measurable effect on a patient’s liver function.

3. Unpasteurized Products

Some THC detox pills encourage you to drink their brand of juice or tea. In many cases, these juices haven’t been treated, pasteurized, or FDA approved for this purpose and can have dangerous side effects. Always look for pasteurization on liquid detox products because this process neutralizes harmful bacteria through heat.

4. Oxalate

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You might have heard of oxalate before because it is a naturally occurring substance in many healthy vegetables — like spinach and beets. Many fake THC detox product companies think that utilizing high levels of oxalate in their blends is the perfect, natural way to help people flush their system.

Like most things, moderation is key! Consuming large quantities of oxalate can actually slow down the detox process, hamper your kidneys, and put you at risk for long-term kidney problems.

Choose Green Gone Detox

At Green Gone Detox, our detox products for drug testing and tolerance resets were created by pharmacists, and they’re backed by intensive testing. We’ve created a unique formula with just the right amounts of five natural ingredients to ensure a healthier, more effective way to flush THC from your system. That’s why we also offer medical-grade THC test strips so you can verify your detox with confidence. Order your THC detox products from Green Gone Detox today.

If you have questions about our products, chat with us any time!

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