How long does thc stay in your system? THC detox Which kit will work best for me?


We get this question often. I decided it's high time we add a blog post about it. We now we offer 4 kit options: 2 day, 5 day, 10 day, and 20 day. We also have 2 test strip pack options: 5 and 10.

"OK so what's the best combo for me personally?" 

I probably get this question 3-4 times a day at least. To better serve our customers I met with a website programmer at a bagel shop yesterday. We are in the process of designing an assessment of sorts that will gather some brief information from you, (similar to what we have been doing manually over the phone) plug it in to this calculator of sorts and it spits out the regimen we suspect that will work best for you personally using a home grown scoring system that takes place behind the scenes. Using estimates we have gathered by talking to people and population data here is some of the info we will be taking into account:

Age - Younger people tend to have faster metabolism. We will have multiple ranged options here.

Gender - Males tend to be faster than females. In fact, if you look at the "cockgroft-gault" formula in classical kidney kinetics their model multiplies renal function by (0.85) in the last step to accommodate for females given they tend to be 15% slower or so. 

Weight - The less you weigh the easier your detox will be. Why? Well cannabis metabolites are fat bound and the more often you smoke, and the bigger you are the deeper dissolved these metabolites will be. This greatly increases detox time. It is not unheard of to talk to a 300 pound person that smokes daily taking 2-3 months or even longer potentially.

Usage - Of course your prior usage matters. Taking a hit or 2 off of a joint at a party and smoking multiple times daily for months on end are two radically different scenarios. 

Edibles or oils used? - This will be a simple yes/no. If yes, plan on it taking longer because there will simply be more THC in your system. The same can be true to some extent for medical grade cannabis, as the THC content is typically higher.

Amount of time abstinent - Some people had a suspicion that they would have a test coming up, so they decided to get a head start with abstinence. That's great! It will only work to your benefit, and this will take some amount of time off of the detox you will require from us.

When is your test? - We want to have a calendar on there too. If you're 300 pounds and a daily user, and your test is in 2 days there unfortunately isn't anything we can do, as this simply isn't a realistic scenario for you or us.

Calculate! -  You hit a button and we will estimate what you need. This assessment is in the works now, and we hope to go live with it in a couple weeks. Stay tuned!

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