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How Long Does THC Stay In Your System?

Free Help How long does thc stay in your system? THC detox

How long does thc stay in your system

How Long Does THC Stay in Urine? How long will it take me to pass a drug test? How do I pass a drug test for weed? What else can I do?

We will try to answer all of the above fully. Spoiler alert - it depends on several things.

We have been asked this seemingly hundreds of times. Unfortunately, even after doing this for years and seeing many people struggle for a multitude of reasons the answer is - it depends.

Depends on what? There are simply too many variables to give one straight end all answer. Even the answers cited in medical literature fluctuate radically. Personally, I have talked to customers that smoke every day, quit, and a week or two later they are fine. For every one of these people it seems like there is one that tell me they smoked 1 joint 3 weeks ago and are still failing. There are also daily users that take months to obtain a negative urine test.

However, let's not muddy the water too much before we even get started. For the sake of simplicity let's focus on discussing some of the key factors when attempting to determine how long it will take you to get a negative urine drug test for THC.

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1. Consumption Amount - This one would seem pretty obvious right? How often and how much do you smoke. Simple? Not exactly. If you examine the medical literature which I already did over 2 years you will find several sub categories of the consumption issue like: a) THC content of the flower, what about dabs and oils that have huge THC content? b) smoking dynamics like how deeply inhaled and how well absorbed c) route - smoking vs edibles which could involve different factors and time to peak THC and elimination.

Still it's a start to give you an idea of usage.

2. Person in questions size - given THC is lipophilic (sticks to fat) generally speaking the bigger you are the more time it will take. Our quick rule is >200 lbs generally merits a longer THC detox period to obtain a clean test.

3. Person's metabolism - and I don't really mean food. I mean liver metabolism. Fluctuates greatly based on genetics and is highly influenced highly by environmental factors like alcohol. Extremely hard to know off hand as well if you are one of these unfortunate "slow metabolizers" who don't make enough of the necessary enzymes to facilitate metabolism.

4. Time abstinent - how much time do you have until your test? Do you have weeks to prep or is it in a couple days? Helps to determine what you can realistically accomplish using our product, or really any method for that matter.

5. HOW THE TEST IS TAKEN!!! -  I cannot stress this enough. So many people don't know how to give a urine sample correctly. Hydration status is huge, but you can over dilute your sample and the lab may not accept it, still obviously if it's dark yellow there's work to be done. Mid catch is important as well. What's that? It's basically urinating into the toilet for 5-10 seconds, then collecting the sample, then finishing urination in the toilet. This helps to minimize metabolites in the sample based on the way they settle in the bladder.

6. Attempts taken during time abstinent - Did you buy our product? Did you start to exercise? Eat Healthy? etc..

So in conclusion it is hard to say, which is the main reason we like to talk to many of our customers before they even buy our product. Many we can help, but to be perfectly clear and honest if you are a daily user and you have a day or two with virtually zero time abstinent the odds aren't in your favor in the slightest.

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