What is the Safest Way to Detox THC? | Natural THC Detox Methods

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You want to detox your body of THC to kick the habit, reset your tolerance, or seek employment. To make sure you detox in the safest way possible, you should do a little research into natural THC detox methods instead of trying a quick fix that promises a lot with limited evidence.

While cranberry juice, bleach, or vinegar may sound like they could work to get you THC-free right away, most of these methods are myths and can be very dangerous. Learn more about the best ways to get marijuana out of your system from the experts at Green Gone Detox today.

1. Abstain From Cannabis

This method is the best and most foolproof way to get THC out of your system. You should stop all consumption of cannabis — whether it’s smoking, eating, or vaporizing. You can choose to go cold turkey and quit all at once or you can wean yourself off slowly. If you consume cannabis regularly and have a very high tolerance, we recommend weaning off slowly and reducing your consumption a little bit each day to avoid negative side effects like headaches, insomnia, anxiety, or reduced appetite.

Once you stop using completely, you can expect the THC to clear your system after about six weeks. Depending on how much cannabis you used, this completely natural THC detox could take a bit longer. Our THC assessment can help you figure out about how long it will take for THC to completely clear your system.

2. Herbal Detox

herbs for natural THC detox

Another natural THC detox method is using herbal kits that flush your liver and kidneys without a harsh shock to your body. At Green Gone Detox, we use a combination of herbs that are known to safely facilitate your body’s natural processes to flush THC out of your body. These herbs offer the best THC cleanse by combining the following all-natural ingredients:

All of these ingredients are blended into a vegan-friendly capsule that is easy to take. Learn how to use our detox kits today.

3. Work Out & Drink Water

There are a number of dietary and lifestyle changes that work as supplements to natural THC detox methods. Some of the best ways to get marijuana out of your system include adding regular workouts into your daily routine, increasing your fiber intake, and drinking tons of water. You should also avoid alcohol, sugar, and acids to allow your liver to expel contaminants more efficiently.

Testing Yourself

test kit strip for natural THC detox

If you think you’re ready, you can try an at-home test kit to test your urine for THC. Each kit comes with enough strips to test regularly and gauge the progress of your natural THC detox.

Looking for more advice about natural detox methods? Reach out to our team today for assistance!

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