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Finding Your Ideal Tolerance Break Length

Finding Your Ideal Tolerance Break Length

If you’re getting fewer effects from your cannabis, then you need to figure out the right tolerance break length to help restore its effectiveness. Using a tolerance break calculator can help estimate the time you need to get clean. More importantly, it can help you find the right detox kit to minimize your break and maximize your body’s natural elimination processes.

Why Tolerance Happens

Your body develops a tolerance to the active compounds because it’s trying to maintain an equilibrium that it sees as its “normal state”. As it registers the regular addition of these compounds, it adjusts in an attempt to account for their effects and keep this balance. That’s why, over time, you may need more and more product to achieve the same effects or you can choose to deal with milder cannabis effects that fade sooner. The proper tolerance break length uses this same mechanism to reset your body’s balance and restore the effectiveness of your cannabis products.

When you take in cannabis products, whether you smoke or choose edibles, the active compounds interact with receptors inside your body. As they do, these compounds will undergo chemical reactions, changing into related compounds called metabolites. These metabolites are stored in your body and eliminated over time. This buildup is part of the development of tolerance. The more cannabis you use, the more metabolites are stored and the longer it takes for them to be eliminated, extending your tolerance break length.

 ideal tolerance break length for long-time users

Resetting Your Tolerance

If you want to lower your tolerance or get rid of it entirely, you need to give your body time to break down these metabolites, filter them through your kidneys, and eliminate them through your urine or feces. A tolerance break calculator can be a vital part of determining the length of your tolerance break to give you the best chance of restarting your cannabis lifestyle with a clean metabolic slate. Depending on how long and how much you’ve been consuming cannabis as well as the strength of products and their delivery form, it can take anywhere from weeks to months to achieve a full reset on your tolerance without assistance.

Detox For A Quicker Tolerance Break

If you want to minimize your tolerance break length and get back to the cannabis usage pattern you’re used to, then you need an effective detox program. Green Gone Detox kits come with a 2-Day, 5-Day, or 10-Day program to help you cleanse your system. This all-natural, pharmacist-created formula uses just 5 ingredients to optimize your body’s natural elimination process. Use our custom Detox Calculator to find the right kit for your lifestyle, and take just the tolerance break length you need. Order your kit and clean out your system with Green Gone Detox today.

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