Top Signs You Need to Detox From Cannabis

learn the signs you need to detox

There are some major signs you need to detox that you may be ignoring. As more and more people choose cannabis products, the need to recognize and understand how it works with the human body will only increase. THC detox can be a useful tool to reset your THC tolerance, help cleanse your system for a drug screening, or help you better manage your therapeutic needs. It's important to understand when and how to detox, as well as the signs that your body is detoxing properly.

The Metabolization Of Cannabis

As you take in cannabis, the active compounds, cannabinoids and terpenes, interact with receptors and cause chemical reactions in your body. It’s important to pay attention to the quality of these effects, as they can give you the first signs you need to detox. Many of these occur along the endocannabinoid system, a regulatory system that moderates many of your bodily functions, including your mental state, pain, and other sensations. As these chemicals break down to bond with receptor sites, other compounds, called metabolites, are formed in the body. These metabolites are further processed or stored before finally being eliminated from the body.

These metabolites can have long-lasting effects themselves, as their presence in addition to new cannabis intake can affect your body’s “natural state”. The human body tries to maintain a natural balance based on your genetics, nutrition, and activity level. When you use cannabis, whether recreationally or therapeutically, you’re seeking to shift this balance. Once you see the signs you need to detox and begin the process, it is this state that your body will try to return to as it exhibits the signs your body is detoxing.

Top Signs It's Time To Detox

  • Your cannabis is becoming less effective - As your body gets used to the presence of more active compounds and metabolites in your system, it shifts to accommodate them while trying to get back to your natural state. This results in a tolerance. While it can be annoying to need more weed to get high recreationally, for therapeutic users, this is the equivalent of medicine losing its effectiveness and going up in cost as they require more and more product to alleviate their symptoms.
  • You have a screening to prepare for - Cannabis legality is a patchwork of state, federal, and often local laws. These can leave you open to discrimination based on your cannabis choices. A change in policy at an employer, athletic governing body, or school could be one of the signs you need to detox.
  • You feel angry/depressed/anxious when not high - This can be related to your tolerance, but it can also just be a result of needing to cut down or avoid cannabis use for your health. Detoxing can help you eliminate metabolites faster so your body can get back to normal.

Signs Your Body Is Detoxing

As your body works to clear away these chemical compounds, you’ll likely notice some changes from what you’re used to.

  • Increased Urination - One of the primary signs to look for is an increase in bathroom visits.
  • Reduced Desire For Cannabis - Just as a higher tolerance can be one of the signs you need to detox, a reduction in that tolerance and the associated desire for more cannabis can show that the process is working.
  • Cleaner Screening Results - The simplest way to prove a detox is effective is to see the transition from a failing test to a passing one.

 kit to help when you see signs you need to detox

Our pharmacist-created formula uses all-natural ingredients to help your body eliminate cannabis metabolites as fast as possible. With ingredients that encourage your body to break down, filter through the kidneys, and excrete metabolites, you may shave days or weeks off your detox time. Just use our Detox Calculator to find the right kit for you. We even include medical-grade test strips so you can assess your body’s detox process. If you’re seeing the signs you need to detox, order the right detox kit for your lifestyle from Green Gone Detox today.

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