Green Gone's Permanent THC Detox: an innovative product and a company dedicated to marijuana detox

Green Gone's Permanent THC Detox: an innovative product and a company dedicated to marijuana detox

Permanent Cleansers for Drug Tests

At Green Gone Detox, we decided to revolutionize the detox market with a unique product that makes a difference to your life. Even with the legalization of marijuana in many states, many people are still looking for detox products to help them reset their tolerance, pass a drug test, or simply to improve their health. Our product takes a different approach than most others on the market. Learn what makes our permanent THC detox unique.

Scientifically Backed Products

The most important element of our permanent THC detox products is our scientific backing. We provide pharmacist-formulated permanent cleansers for drug tests and tolerance resets. Each of the ingredients in our THC detox kits was thoroughly researched and tested. We’ve read through hundreds of scientific studies to find the best ingredients for our detoxes and those most proven to work.

Accurate Labeling & Oversight

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Another element of our approach to ensuring effective permanent THC detoxes is our quality control. Our facilities are located in the United States, and they have undergone FDA inspection for cleanliness and compliance. We’re also certified by the GMP to guarantee the high caliber of the ingredients we use. Because Green Gone Detox is based in America, we have to follow much stricter labeling regulations than companies based in Asia. All of our labels accurately list the ingredients and quantities you’ll find in our kits.

Holistic Approach to Permanent Marijuana Detox

Many other THC detox products don’t tell you exactly how their kits will interact with your body, what you can expect, and how to maximize the effects. At Green Gone Detox, we want our products to succeed, so we provide you with a comprehensive overview of how you should use our permanent THC detoxes for the best results. You get detailed instructions as well as lifestyle change recommendations that help you build a more holistic approach to your health.

Included Test Strips

Each of our permanent THC detox kits comes with test strips to help you guarantee the results. You can test yourself throughout the process to track your detox and ensure a real system flush. We’re so confident in our product that we want you to see the results immediately. The instructions in each kit will tell you exactly when and how to test yourself throughout your detox.

Personalized Kits

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Each person is in a unique situation that affects their detox differently. Everything from your marijuana consumption level and type of consumption, to your weight and lifestyle, changes how a permanent marijuana detox will affect you. As part of our service, we provide a calculator to help you assess the type of kit you need and give you an estimate of how long your detox will take.

Discover the benefits of our detox kits when you try them today!

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