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Urine Drug Testing Facts You Should Know

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Separating urine drug testing facts from myths and rumors can help make sure you can pass your next screening. In many places, pre-employment drug testing laws could keep you from getting a job, while a failed test on the job could lead to termination or subject you to personal liability. For athletes, a failed test could cause you to lose valuable competitive opportunities or bar you from your chosen sport. If you’re a student, failed screenings can put your academic career at risk. You need to know what they’re screening for and how to make sure your privacy is preserved.

Drug Testing 101

One of the little-known urine drug testing facts is that most screenings are not checking for the presence of a drug itself. Rather, these tests are gauging the level of metabolites eliminated in your urine. Metabolites are the compounds formed when an active component in a drug is broken down in your body. They’re then stored in certain bodily tissues—in the case of THC, fat cells—until your body finally releases them. They are then filtered from your blood by the kidneys, transferred to the bladder, and finally excreted.

During a urine drug testing, the fact is that usually, instead of a quantitative analysis of how much of a metabolite is present, it generates a pass-fail result based on a standardized threshold. In the case of THC or cannabis screening, the test determines whether your urine contains more than 50ng/dl of THC-COOH. This metabolite is used because it’s relatively stable, and that threshold is consistent with regular moderate use in a majority of users, although some with higher use may still pass, and those with less use may still fail, depending on their metabolisms.

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Passing Urine Drug Testing Facts

To be clear, the most certain way to pass a drug screening is to avoid the drugs being screened for. An occasional contact high is usually not enough to cause a failed test on its own, which means the tester has a high confidence in the results. To avoid failing, you must get the concentration in your urine below the threshold. There are 3 ways cannabis users usually try to do so:

  • Abstinence - While your system will eventually eliminate these metabolites, it takes time. Depending on pre-employment drug testing laws or other relevant rules, you may not have the time to wait for abstinence-only elimination.
  • Masking - Users who don’t want to give up cannabis may choose a masking agent. These products, as well as several “DIY” strategies, can be found online, but the urine drug testing facts are that these are largely ineffective. They are meant to cover the presence of THC-COOA by confusing the test; however, they can also cause an anomaly that flags your sample for increased scrutiny. This can lead to a positive result on verification, or potentially even cause an automatic fail if discovered.
  • Detoxing - An increasingly popular option. Detoxing your body optimizes your natural elimination processes to cleanse the THC metabolites from your body faster. Since this relies on your own body’s metabolism, and it helps remove the THC-COOA instead of just masking it, it will not cause a false positive or flag your sample for increased testing.

Science-Backed Formula

Green Gone Detox is a pharmacist-formulated nutritional supplement meant to maximize your body’s elimination of metabolites. This all-natural formula uses just 5 ingredients, long recognized for their health and wellness benefits. Each kit also includes medical-grade test strips that use the same 50ng/dl you will likely be subjected to during a screening. Built around the facts of urine drug testing, not the myths, it’s the best option to get you cleaner faster.

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