How to Find a Detox Plan That Works

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Find The Best Detox Kits

There are tons of detox products out there that claim they can help you reset your tolerance, pass a drug test, or improve your health. Unfortunately, many of these kits take advantage of the lack of knowledge surrounding detox and provide people with unsafe methods that don’t work effectively. If you’re looking for a detox that does work, consider products that are open about their research and ingredients, tell you everything you need to know about changing your diet and lifestyle, and provide test strips to help you ensure the success of the product. Read on to learn more.

1.Scientifically Backed Products

At Green Gone Detox, scientific research is incredibly important to us. From the very beginning, we collaborated with pharmacists to help us develop a detox that works. With our pharmacist consultants, we explored every study about marijuana detoxes that we could find to discover the top ingredients that help flush THC from your system. We took five scientifically proven ingredients to create a precise formula that is safe and effective. These ingredients include St. John Wort, sodium bicarb, white willow 15% extract, horsetail extract, and psyllium husk.

2.High-Quality Ingredients

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Since most companies are always trying to improve their bottom line, they don’t usually go the extra mile to get certifications and approval that aren’t mandatory. Because their products aren’t reviewed or tested independently, they can pretty much use whatever they want — cheaper packaging, low-quality ingredients, and even inaccurate labeling. If you’re looking for a detox that works, you need one that has intensive quality control.

Green Gone Detox products are made in the USA in an FDA-inspected facility, and they’re GMP approved. To create the best detox kits, our team goes the extra mile for better quality control and safety practices.

3.Supplemental Details

When you purchase a detox kit, they don’t always tell you that your circumstances change the effectiveness of the product. Many times, you need to modify your diet and habits to ensure the best possible results. At Green Gone Detox, we’re very open about the need to use our detox kits holistically. Once you start using our products, you should create a manageable routine for yourself that includes a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. This is the only way to guarantee that your detox works.

4.Using a Testing Kit

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Because we believe in the quality of our products, each of our detox kits comes with test strips that you can use throughout your detox to check your progress. Once you test negative at home, you’ll test negative everywhere else, too! These are medical grade test strips that are often the same ones used in tests for work and school. Any detox kit that sells these test strips with their product is very confident in the effectiveness and quality of their detox.

Ready to start using a detox that works? Reach out to Green Gone Detox today or shop our selection of products now!

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