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New Year THC Detox: Starting Fresh

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It's that time again. It’s a New Year! Although time has not stopped, it feels like life is giving you another opportunity to do your life over. After introspection and re-evaluation of your life choices, you've decided that you've got to make some changes this year. Top on your agenda is reducing or stopping your weed intake completely.

First, congratulations on making a brave choice. Second, it's essential to know that quitting or lowering your weed intake cold turkey will be challenging, if not impossible.

As with other body and mind-altering substances, continued weed use over a prolonged period influences the brain's activity, and a sudden cessation can negatively affect your health. You need to conduct a weed cleanse that removes all the THC stored in your body cells to wean and free your body from the THC and its effects. Consequently, a new year detox is necessary, and we have just the right tool for you - Green Gone Detox.

Using Green Gone For Your New Year Weed Cleanse

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Green Gone Detox is the ultimate in-home THC detox kit. It is an all-natural detox formulated to eliminate THC attached to your body cells permanently. Green Gone Detox is unlike some weed detox solutions advertised as quick fixes that ‘mask’ the presence of THC without really getting rid of it.

Instead, the reliable and effective Green Gone conducts a thorough weed cleanse by working with your body systems to heighten metabolism of fat cells to which the THC attaches and, in the process, releases THC metabolites into your bloodstream. The THC metabolites are then excreted via your kidneys, successfully and permanently clearing the THC from your body. From there, you can stop THC use without any side effects or adjust your dosage because your body completely resets your weed dependence and tolerance. Green Gone is therefore the go-to new year detox solution to get you on top of your weed-related resolutions.

You will love that Green Gone Detox does not offer a one-size-fits-all weed cleanse solution. There are specific detox kits going on each user's weed consumption, that is, the amount the user takes and the duration of usage. For example, a long-time user would use a different kit than an infrequent user. These differences are a testament that a lot of time and scientific research went into creating and customizing the Green Gone weed cleanse for each user group. A team of pharmacists came together to come up with an efficient and safe THC detoxing regimen that you can trust for your new year's detox.

The Green Gone Detox Kits

Green Gone Detox comes in three different packages, each with a specified duration of usage. There are 2-day, 5-day, and 10-day kits from which you can choose depending on your new year detox needs. Typically, the 2-day cleanse is meant for light users, the 5-day kit for moderate weed users, and the 10-day kit is for heavy users.

If you're not sure about where you lie, Green Gone Detox also offers a THC Detox Calculator that uses your weight, age, product potency levels, abstinence levels, and other factors to determine the amount of THC potentially lingering in your system, which then would indicate the best THC detox kit for you. Ensure that you provide accurate answers for an accurate allocation. If you need clarification, contact our thorough and supportive customer service.

The 2-Day Green Gone THC Detox Kit

The 2-day Green Gone THC Detox kit is an ultra-fast weed cleanse solution designed for single-use and infrequent users, say 2-3 times a month. The five-ingredient detox kit supercharges the body's natural elimination system to ensure a complete THC cleanse in only 48 hours. The result is the permanent removal of THC. Use the THC Detox Calculator to confirm that the 2-day kit is fitting for your new year's detox.

2-day Green Gone Detox Kit

The 2-day THC Detox Kit comes with five medical-grade THC urine test strips to help you monitor your detoxing progress. The constant checks reassure you that the product is working well and help you avoid worrying.

Single-use and infrequent users can also use the 2-Day Green Gone Detox Kit when preparing for an upcoming cannabis test, particularly when there's not enough time for a successful cannabis fast.

The 5-Day Green Gone THC Detox Kit

The 5-day Green Gone Detox kit is the ideal way to conduct a complete weed cleanse in less than a week. This all-natural pharmacist-formulated and approved cannabis cleanse regimen is recommended for moderate cannabis users who consume weed 1-3 times each week. The 5-day THC elimination kit is potent and helps to speed up your body's THC metabolism. It comes with five medical-grade THC urine test strips as well to help you monitor the progress of your new year detox.

5-day Green Gone Detox Kit

Note that you can also use this detox kit to prepare for an upcoming cannabis test and to break your consumption habits when resetting your weed tolerance.

To be sure that the 5-day Green Gone THC detox kit is suitable for you, use the THC Detox Calculator.

10-Day Green Gone THC Detox Kit

The 10-Day Green Gone THC Detox Kit is a weed cleanse recommended for everyday weed users, the heavy weed consumers. Despite your prolonged cannabis use, it takes only ten days to completely clear all traces of THC in your body. Nevertheless, the success of your detox is influenced by your age, weight, exercise and diet. But, if you follow the package instructions and recommendations, you should achieve the expected outcome - a complete THC cleanse.

10-day Green Gone Detox Kit

Although we have stated that the 10-day detox kit is suitable for persons who have used cannabis for a long time, you should still use the THC Detox Calculator just to be sure. Also, remember to use the five medical-grade THC urine test strips that come with the detox kit to check the progress of your new year's detox.

How to Have a Safe and Complete Weed Cleanse

Green Gone Detox should help you achieve a complete and safe THC cleanse. The detox is formulated using natural ingredients that help to accelerate your body's THC metabolism and elimination, resulting in a complete weed cleanse. Detoxifying resets your body, and you can choose to quit cannabis altogether or to lower your dosage, whichever is your new year's resolution. Buy your Green Gone Detox Kit now and enjoy a splendid clean start to your new year.

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