Useful Tips to Combat Your Weed Tolerance

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For some, the more frequently marijuana is used, the more tolerance their body builds against it. By learning more about tolerance break pills, you can ensure that your products deliver the same amount of potency, no matter how often you use them.


Your Marijuana Tolerance

Marijuana edibles, vaping liquids, capsules, and oils may eliminate some of your unwanted symptoms, but over time, they’ll all build up in your system. Depending on your lifestyle, diet, and exercise habits, your tolerance to the potency of your products will vary. You could find yourself having to increase your consumption or buying more to get the same effect. Some marijuana users choose to stop using their products for an extended period of time in hopes of reducing their tolerance. While this is an option, it’s often met with unwanted side effects. All of a sudden, your unwanted symptoms return. Luckily, there are ways to reduce your tolerance without having to quit your products cold turkey.

Detox Options

Depending on how your body responds to marijuana, you may be able to switch cannabis strains and still get the same relief. This is an easy way to help your body’s tolerance. By switching between a THC-dominant strain and a CBD-dominant strain, you can reduce your tolerance without having to stop marijuana use altogether. While this may sound like a simple solution, there are a few caveats. For example, you may not see the same results once you make the switch. Depending on how your body metabolizes marijuana, it may not help your tolerance as much as you had hoped.

If switching strains isn’t an option, or if you’re looking for a better option, consider detox pills. Marijuana detox regimens come in a variety of kits. From 10-day THC detox to 2-day THC detox options, you can select the package that works for you. These pills work in conjunction with the fat cells that THC bonds with to remove them from your system. When taken properly, your body is able to detox from the marijuana that remains in your bloodstream and fat cells. These pills can be taken monthly, if necessary, to ensure that your tolerance stays low and that you’re able to reap the same benefits from your marijuana regimen.

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Don’t let your tolerance become too high. There are ways to keep it low and ensure that you’re able to enjoy your favorite marijuana products. Whether you’re an avid marijuana user or you use it every once and a while, a regular detox is a great way to remove internal build-up, avoid failing a drug test, and keep your tolerance low. To learn more about Green Gone Detox’s all-natural THC detoxing products, visit our website!

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