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Using Green Gone Detox to Meet Your Personal Detox Goals

Green Gone on the road

We have been helping customers meet their personal THC detox goals for seven years now. We like to tailor our approach to the specific person in question. Our kits come in three separate durations in order to accommodate a variety of needs. The needs of our customers vary greatly depending on a variety of factors such as exposure amount, age, and the size of the person in question just to name a few. It is best to help these people understand the best product to fit their personal needs upfront to ensure best results.

Starting with a Realistic Timeline

First, we suggest starting with a realistic timeline. The best way to know how long it will take you to detox THC for the purpose of either to check if passing on a home test, or simply for a tolerance break is to use historical evidence. We like to ask our customers if they have ever had to detox before, as this is often the best indicator of how long it will take at the present. Keep in mind sometimes if it has been several years it may take the user slightly longer now given our metabolism tends to slow over time.

THC Detox Calculator

If that timing information is known, then this gives somewhere to start. If not, then we have a THC detox calculator to help suggest the right product to our customers by collecting personal attributes and developing an estimate of needs. Typically we can improve baseline time dramatically. A standard rule we like to tell customers to expect with daily usage is around a month at baseline without intervention. Some people are faster and some are slower, yet it seems that this is close to what most people can expect. For heavy use customers, we recommend our ten day kits for these situations.

Shorter Duration Kits

We also have shorter duration kits for lighter usage. Often these will also work in a situation where a customer has started to detox on their own, yet isn’t satisfied with their progress as well. Our customers that do best with these kits are young and generally regarded as healthy.

Product Features and Usage

The kits come with 5 THC urine test strips, the product vial, and instructional guide. The product is featured in capsule form. For best results we recommend taking three times a day with water. Guides supplied with the product also feature tips and tricks to help our customers reach their THC detox goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Customers are both welcomed and encouraged to add synergy to our product by lifestyle modifications. The largest one that we preach is total abstinence. Additionally, healthy water intake of eight or so full cups daily tends to help. Some customers like to increase their cardiovascular exercise in order to sweat some metabolites out, and this is proven beneficial as well. Eating a healthy, balanced diet featuring a robust amount of fiber is helpful as well. To help get the customers started our product has some fiber in it to supplement customers dietary intake.


THC detox can be a complex and daunting process. Yet, it doesn’t have to be. Join the thousand of customers who have used our product to achieve their THC detox goals today!

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