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5 Tips To Detox From THC Fast

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If you have come to rely on cannabis to relieve insomnia, manage pain, manage anxiety, enhance relaxation, or have fun, you need to be aware that your body does not excrete all the THC. Some of this compound attaches to your fat tissues and could remain there for a long time.

Although cannabis use is legal in many parts of the United States, there are still instances where you would need to prove that there is no THC in your system, like during educational enrollment, employment interviews, or athletic eligibility. You may also want to periodically cleanse your system to reset your weed tolerance to make it easier to get high. In these instances, especially when time bound, you need to find the fastest way to detox THC, and we have just the right tool for you – Green Gone Detox.

Green Gone Detox is the ultimate in-home detoxification kit. It prides itself in being the fastest and surest way to detox THC, permanently clearing it out of your system. Green Gone is an all-natural concoction of ingredients that boost your body's system's capacity to metabolize and eliminate THC without overwhelming your organs or just 'masking' the THC, as some quick fixes advertised in the market do. You only need to identify the suitable detox kit for you, and to achieve the results even faster, take up the five marijuana detox tips below.

How to Choose A Fitting Green Gone Detox Kit

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Green Gone Detox sells its product in three different packages: 2-day, 5-day, or 10-day detox kits. Each kit is customized to address the unique THC elimination needs of the user. Here's a breakdown of what each kit offers:

1. The 2-Day Green Gone THC Detox Kit

The 2-Day Green Gone THC Detox Kit is the fastest way to detox THC, seeing that it only takes 48 hours to achieve a total THC cleanse. The kit is recommended to single-use, infrequent cannabis users who consume weed 2-3 times a month. The kit is also ideal for when you have to cleanse your system on short notice, although the effectiveness of it will also depend on the amount of THC accumulated in your system. For example, a longtime user cannot sufficiently clear out THC embedded in your body cells in only two days. You would have to give ample time for your body to metabolize and excrete the THC safely.

2. The 5-Day Green Gone THC Detox Kit

The 5-Day Green Gone THC Detox Kit is the intermediate THC cleansing regimen designed for moderate cannabis users who use weed 1-3 times a week. It is still one of the fastest ways to detox THC because it clears out all the THC in your body in under a week. By the end of this period, your system will have reset, and you can easily adjust your weed dosage.

3. 10-Day Green Gone THC Detox Kit

The 10-Day Green Gone THC Detox Kit is an all-natural detoxing regimen designed for daily THC users who need to cleanse their systems at an accelerated rate. It is one of the healthiest and fastest ways to detox THC, seeing that it only takes ten days to undo long-term THC effects. The ingredients help speed up your natural metabolite removal process, permanently eliminating THC from your body.

Note that each of the three kits comes with five free medical-grade THC urine test strips that you use to track your detox progress. The strips help to affirm the effectiveness of the detox pills and keep you from worrying about any mistakes, especially if you have an upcoming test.

If you're unsure which of the three detox kits to choose, the Green Gone THC Detox Calculator will help you determine the right one.

Top 5 Marijuana Detox Tips

While using the Green Gone Detox, the following tips could help you cleanse your system faster and avoid uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

1. Hydrate

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Drink plenty of water throughout the day because the THC metabolites released into the bloodstream are excreted through sweat and urine. So, drink a lot of water to ensure the excretion process is fast and uninterrupted. If you are prone to forgetting to drink water, find a reminder app or use a timer. Also, snack on foods that contain a lot of water, like watermelon, cucumbers, and lettuce, to enhance your hydration while avoiding caffeinated and sugary beverages.

2. Exercise daily

Working out daily is a great way to burn more fat cells and release the THC that often attaches to them. The THC metabolites are released into your bloodstream and, ultimately, out of your system.

After detoxing for a few days, you start to feel more energetic, and exercising is a good energy outlet. Your moods may also sink in the absence of weed, and exercising, especially in other people's company, may cheer you up. Exercising is also a great way to tire yourself out to fall asleep faster if you're having trouble sleeping.

3. Eat a healthy diet

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Keep your diet healthy with a balance of whole grains, lean proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Ditch the overly processed foods, sugar, and alcohol. When detoxing, experts recommend mood-boosting foods like berries, bananas, oats, fermented foods, dark chocolate, nuts, and seeds. They help your brain and body adjust to the absence of weed.

4. Take Niacin supplements

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A safely kept secret in the world of pot is the use of Niacin (vitamin B3) when crash detoxing before a cannabis urine test. Niacin accelerates the removal of THC by causing your capillaries to dilate, which gets more blood in and out of the tissues, facilitating a faster elimination of THC metabolites. So, take a tablet a day during your weed cleanse.

5. Abstain from weed

It goes without saying that when flushing weed, it would be detrimental to pump more into your system. Indeed, the urge to use weed will be present, but you must consciously resist it. Avoid environments, people, and things that could trigger your urge to use it. Lastly, if it helps, find an accountability buddy who can help to keep you focused on the desired outcome.

Get On The Fastest Way To Detox THC

Green Gone Detox is the safest and fastest way to detox THC from your system. It only takes 2-10 days to entirely and permanently rid your system of all the THC stored in your body. You can track your progress using the five free medical-grade THC urine test strips that come with each Green Gone Detox Kit. Buy a Green Gone Detox kit today and start your THC cleansing process. The five marijuana detox tips above will help make detoxing easier and more effective.

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