Uncomfortably High? How to Sober Up From Weed

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How to Get Unhigh

You know how it happens – you wait and wait for your edible to take effect, but nothing happens for hours, so we take some more. Next thing you know, you’re way too high and barely able to function. Alternatively, you’re trying a new strain of something that’s supposed to blow your mind, and that massive hit you just took from your joint is about to hit so hard.

Getting too high is pretty much a right of passage for every cannabis user, and it can happen to even the most experienced pothead. At Green Gone Detox, we know that learning how to sober up from weed or what to do when you’re in over your head is crucial knowledge for anyone who enjoys cannabis. Follow along with us as we discuss what you can do in this situation and if it’s possible to learn how to get unhigh.

What’s It Like Being Too High

While being high generally produces feelings of contentment and happiness, getting too high can have some unwelcome side effects. If you’ve taken too much cannabis, you may experience a few distressing effects, including:

  • Impaired movements and coordination
  • Anxiety and panic
  • Paranoia, fear, or distrust
  • Hallucinations of sights and sounds
  • Delusions
  • Lack of recognition for yourself and others

All of these side effects may occur from using marijuana alone, but combining cannabis with other substances can ensure and even enhance the worst side effects. The minute you feel this kind of high coming on, you might start to wonder how to get unhigh – and quick!

How to Avoid Getting Too High

So, unfortunately, there is no quick fix to learning how to sober up from weed. The best you can do is take preventative measures and initiate some coping mechanisms that help you deal with the situation. Here are our eight top tips for avoiding getting too high, as well as waiting it out as you uncomfortably wonder how to get sober from cannabis.

1. Watch Your Dosing

The recent experimentation and developments among cannabis growers have ensured that every strain of weed is incredibly powerful. As a result, the weed of today is nothing like the weed of the 1970s and 80s. With the potency of cannabis through the roof, microdosing is the way to go. When you microdose THC, you’re taking much lower amounts – between 0.5 and 2.5 mg instead of the more traditional 5 to 10 mg hits.

You can also purchase products with different ratios of cannabinoids. Instead of getting an edible with 100% THC, consider exploring products with more CBD or CBG to minimize the uncomfortable psychoactive effects of THC while still enjoying a high. All legally sold products list dosages and ratios right on the label!

2. Take Your Time

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Every consumption method for cannabis takes a different amount of time to reach its peak. If you’re enjoying an edible, don’t get antsy because you’re not feeling any effects after five minutes. Set your expectations and timeline ahead of time so that you’re not worried about having to take another hit before you’re ready. Inhaling cannabis usually results in a high within a few minutes that can last up to an hour. Eating or drinking cannabis can take up to two hours to affect you, and you could be high for as long as eight hours.

When you have a rough idea of how long your cannabis will last, you don’t have to worry about how to get unhigh. Simply wait out the effects rather than fighting your body.

3. Staying Calm

A major element of riding out a bad high is staying calm. Don’t focus on getting unhigh and escaping the situation quickly. Instead, think about relaxing with whatever works best for you. Whether it’s meditation, deep breathing, or vegging out in front of the television, keep your heart rate low and your mind distracted, so you don’t allow yourself to focus on the negatives and increase your panic and anxiety. Some of our favorite distractions and relaxation techniques include:

  • Talking to friends
  • Listening to music
  • Watching a favorite movie or show
  • Taking a walk
  • Taking a cold shower
  • Eating or drinking something
  • Going to sleep

4. Get Something to Drink

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If eating or drinking sounds like a good idea to you, there are some guidelines on the best options. If you’re drunk, grabbing a coffee is the way to get sober. But how you sober up from weed doesn’t work that way. Coffee will increase your heart rate and alertness, possibly making your anxiety and panic worse. You might be thinking that alcohol is the right choice instead because, as a downer, it can bring your energy and heart rate lower. But that’s also a bad way to figure out how to get unhigh, as there is evidence that alcohol increases the amount of THC in your bloodstream – making you feel higher.

The best course of action is to drink water or lemonade (real lemonade with real lemons) to help your body process and flush the cannabis from your system. There is some anecdotal evidence that the terpenes in lemonade can modulate the effects of THC.

5. Avoid Other Substances

Many people think the key to how you get unhigh is taking substances that counteract the effects of cannabis. Instead of something more innocent, like alcohol, they think that prescription stimulants or illegal drugs will overwhelm the effects of cannabis. We NEVER recommend mixing substances, as the results can be unpredictable and dangerous.

Planning Ahead

Without actionable ways to sober up from weed, it’s best to have a safety plan in place just in case you get too high. Make your safety plan based on past experiences of what worked best to keep you calm and what didn’t help and should be avoided. You should also locate the closest emergency rooms to your location, so you can reach out for professional help if needed. With these preventative measures and tips in your arsenal, you’ll be able to weather any future moments of discomfort. 

For more advice on enjoying your cannabis with the best possible side effects, make sure to explore our blog!

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