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Game Performance: Pros and Cons of Playing Video Games High

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Cannabis and video games are said to be a perfect match, and the feeling you get playing video games while high is unmatched.

Many people swear by it, saying that it makes the games more fun by combining the thrills of a virtual world with the heightened sensory perception from getting stoned. They even say that weed sharpens their focus and improves their gaming performance. Yet, across the years, weed has been looked down on, with many claiming that it turns otherwise hardworking persons into human sloths and couch potatoes. So, how, then, they ask, can it turn you into a better gamer?

Fortunately, science intervened, and several studies have been conducted to investigate the correlation between cannabis and video games. Some studies confirm that weed improves performance, while others found it impairs it. Taking the feed from both camps, we can deduce that playing video games high is a double-edged sword with defensible advantages and disadvantages.

Here's a review of some of the pros and cons of playing video games while ripped, and some suggestions of how to overcome the disadvantages using Green Gone Detox:

Pros of Playing Video Games High

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Here are the strengths you enjoy playing video games while high:

1. Improves Your Focus

Classic stereotypes around weed associate its users with being unmotivated, lazy, and forgetful, while, in fact, it's likely the opposite. Some studies have proven that cannabis can positively influence your ability to focus. The cannabinoids in weed interact with your brain to release more dopamine, a chemical that makes you feel good and improves your mental focus.

Gaming by itself is also known to enhance the release of dopamine. As such, playing video games highly compounds the impacts of both cannabis and video games, which should reflect positively on your focus and performance.

2. Boosts Your Mental Acuity

Another cannabis stereotype is that getting ripped impairs cognitive ability on several levels, from simple motor coordination to complex functions like problem-solving, organization, memory, behavior, and emotional control. Studies, however, prove otherwise.

Although taking a significant dose of weed can slightly decline your cognitive performance, there is a sweet spot where consuming weed enhances your processing, decision-making, performance, and awareness of your environment. So, if you pay attention to your consumption, you will find the exact point where cannabis and video games pair well. Start with a low dose and increase it gradually. You will find that playing video games high causes you to play at a higher capacity.

3. May Improve Your Reflexes With Time

Studies show that cannabis can improve your mental keenness and your reflexes. Razor-sharp reflexes are critical, especially when playing high-tempo competitive video games like Fortnite, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Dota 2, etc. It's long established that playing video games over and over improves your peripheral visual attention and enhances your eye-hand coordination and other reflexes. Now, pairing cannabis and video games enhances your reflexes even more. Enhanced reflexes are among the reasons many gamers prefer playing video games high.

Cons of Playing Video Games High

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The liabilities that come with combining cannabis and video games are:

1. It Impairs Your Motor Skills

As the thrill of playing video games high and reaching higher performance heights intensifies, some people are likely to keep upping their dosage for even more positive results. While it's physically impossible to overdose from THC fatally, an overdose can still produce uncomfortable side effects like impaired balance, muscle tension, and a lack of coordination.

An early study conducted to investigate the influence of cannabis on movement and coordination confirmed that THC interacts with your basal ganglia and cerebellum, the brain regions that regulate coordination, posture, balance, and reaction time. The study was conducted with weed cigarettes containing 3.95% THC. The cannabis consumed today often has remarkable THC levels, reaching up to 30%. With a concentration so high, combining cannabis and video games might not be a sustainable idea.

The way to avoid impairing your motor skills is by resetting your weed tolerance every so often. If you feel like your regular dose is not working for you as it used to, you may have gained a tolerance for that amount. Instead of upping your dose, reset your system by taking a two weeks THC break or detoxing. The easier option is to detox because it takes a shorter time and makes the withdrawal much more bearable. For a thorough cleanse, use Green Gone, an all-natural-ingredients, vegan-friendly detox product created and approved by top pharmacists. It enhances your body's natural metabolism, causing it to get rid of THC metabolites easier and quicker.

2. Smoking Cannabis Is Not Good For Your Lungs

Most gamers' favorite way to take in THC is by smoking cannabis, and since smoking is bad for your lungs, it goes without saying that smoking cannabis could impede your performance. Smoking cannabis increases your risk of developing respiratory problems like heightened airway resistance, airway inflammation, lung hyperinflation, and chronic bronchitis. However, you can minimize the risk to your lungs by taking cannabis in other forms, like edibles or tinctures, or applying it as a topical.

Fortunately, lungs have a self-cleaning mechanism, and they start to heal when no longer exposed to pollutants. But your body will still carry THC in fat cells. It's best to thoroughly cleanse your body of the THC when switching to another form of cannabis. It makes it easier to find an appropriate dosage of the new cannabis form.

2-day Green Gone THC detox kit

Use Green Gone Detox, which improves your body's natural ability to clear out the THC from your body. You can choose the 2-day, 5-day, or 10-day Green Gone Detox kit, depending on your cannabis usage. Light users can use the 2-day kit, while heavy long-term users can use the 10-day kit.

3. Some Users May Suffer Anxiety And Paranoia

Research suggests that high THC weed can overstimulate the amygdala, the brain region that controls response to fear-related emotions. The overstimulation results in anxiety and paranoia. Although this does not happen to everyone, it happens to some users, many of whom are gamers who play video games while high.

The way to avoid anxiety and paranoia is not to quit the cannabis and video games combo altogether. You only need to avoid cannabis strains and products with a super high THC concentration. Also, ensure that the cannabis you use has a decent amount of CBD because CBD neutralizes the THC effects. Another practice that helps limit THC's anxiety-inducing properties is regularly detoxing to reset your THC tolerance. As long as you keep your weed tolerance low, you will never need to consume large amounts of cannabis that could bring you weed adverse effects.

To reset your system, opt for Green Gone. It's fast and efficiently helps your body eliminate THC metabolites without adding more THC or masking its presence. Whichever Green Gone Detox kit you choose, you should be back to enjoying your cannabis and video games soon.

You Can Play Video Games High

Playing video games high allows you to reap the thrill and performance benefits of the cannabis and video games combo. So long as you maintain a safe dose by avoiding very high concentrations, this combination can work well for you for a long time. However, if you notice that you're developing a tolerance to a particular dose, take a step back, detox with Green Gone Detox, and get back on the wheel.

Playing video games while high is awesome, but only take the necessary precautions to keep yourself from going on overdrive. Add to cart your most preferred Green Gone Detox kit and reset your THC tolerance today.

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