How To Pass A Drug Test For THC

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The legalization of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use in many US states has made THC use quite popular. However, despite its legality, some situations may call for a person to prove their dissociation from it by passing a marijuana drug test. Examples of these are probation requirements, landing or staying in a particular job, or seeking security clearance. If you have used weed or its products in the days drawing to the test, you may use some help ‘hiding the evidence.’

The most commonly used test, the urine test, is based on detecting 9-carboxy-THC, a delta-9 THC metabolite, in the urine. The test picks up on free and conjugate forms of 9-carboxy-THC, among other cannabinoids. Even if the effects of the cannabis have faded out several days after using weed, a drug test can turn out positive. Studies show that the body excretes only 80-90 percent of the delta-9-THC within the first five days. The rest of it continues to linger in your body, attached to your fat cells.

If you're in the weed usage window (days, weeks, or even a month after use) and are wondering how to pass a drug test for THC, detoxification can help you get clean sooner. The product to help you pass an imminent urine test is Green Gone. Read on to see how it works with your natural metabolism mechanisms to eliminate all the THC not stored in your fat cells.

How Does Detoxification Work?

Detoxification to help you pass a marijuana drug test works by boosting your system's ability to eliminate the THC metabolites in your system. Unlike other test preparation methods that involve masking the THC metabolites with harsh chemicals that could even tamper with your test results, a detoxification kit organically works with your body to hasten the elimination process.

Green Gone, in particular, stands out as the ultimate detoxification solution in the market. It is an all-natural, organic, and efficient product designed and approved by our pharmacists. The team created Green Gone by combining five carefully chosen ingredients that enhance your body’s natural ability to metabolize and excrete THC. Since its ingredients are all-natural, you do not need to worry about dangerous chemicals or genetically modified substances. Green Gone Detox does not change your physiological makeup: it only speeds up your natural excretion process.

10-day THC detox kit with 5 THC test strips to pass drug test

The Green Gone Detox brand comes in three different kits: 2-day, 5-day, and 10-day kits. Every kit also has some directions for use and medical-grade test strips you're to use to monitor your progress as you prepare to pass the marijuana drug test. Your choice of detox package will depend on the days remaining before the detox test. It also depends on the toxicity level you wish to drive from your system. For example, if your weed consumption is light, you may opt for the 2-day kit. A moderate user may require the 5-day kit, while persons with heavy usage may benefit from the 10-day detox kit.

How To Pass A Drug Test For THC

You can do several things to make it easier for you to pass a marijuana drug test. They include:

1. Watch the amount of THC you consume and the frequency of your consumption. A heavy user would likely fail a marijuana drug test compared to someone who only takes a joint in a month. Ideally, in the 3-4 weeks before the test, watch your marijuana consumption. To be safe, stay without weed for up to a month, especially if you have been a regular user.

2. Consider the fat levels in your body. If you likely have many fat cells, going by your BMI, THC will linger longer because THC attaches to the fat cells. Unlike a person with a higher body mass, a person with a low or normal body weight can get rid of toxins quicker.

3. If you anticipate taking a weed test in the coming days, schedule detox at least a few days earlier. Opt for a healthy, organic detox regime that helps your body naturally eliminate THC without adding unnecessary chemicals.

4. As you abstain from taking weed in preparation for the detox and test, avoid using other drugs or substances, including alcohol. This is how to pass a drug test for THC quickly. Achieving a complete cleanse is easier if you're not adding more substances to your body.

5. Drink 2-3 liters of water before and while detoxing. The water helps your body expel THC’s metabolites. Avoid consuming too much water, as this can be harmful and even life-threatening. Overhydration lowers the sodium content in your bloodstream, causing a serious condition called hyponatremia.

6. Observing a healthy and balanced diet the weeks before your test aids in naturally detoxing the body by providing your body fiber and other nutrients that increases your body’s natural elimination processes.

7. Eat dark green leafy vegetables in large amounts, like collard greens, kale, and broccoli. They have many vitamins that will be good for your body and help the body break down THC. If eating green veggies is not your thing, take them as a juice or smoothie. You don't need to buy fancy green juices; just juice or blend the veggies at home.

8. Don't exercise the day before your test. This may sound contradictory because exercising helps the body get rid of toxins faster. However, when working on how to pass a drug test for THC, the breakdown of fat cells that hold THC may spike the THC level in your bloodstream. So, to avoid failing your test, refrain from engaging in hard exercises 24 hours before the test. But any other time, exercise is good for you.

Additional Facts About How to Pass a Drug Test for THC

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Home treatments are not a remedy for how to pass a drug test for THC. The DIY solutions you read about, like drinking bleach, vinegar, green tea, cranberry juice, other crazy detox drinks, or even applying lotions, don't work. The same can be said about detox products sold by non-specialist sites and general retailers like Walmart and gas station shops. Use Green Gone for a fast detox, and if you follow the guidelines, you can expect a successful result every time.

It's important to mention that passing a marijuana drug test doesn't necessarily mean your urine must be 100 percent clean, without any THC traces. Your urine sample only needs to be below the test threshold. The current drug testing cutoff is 50 ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter). So, even heavy weed users can pass the test, so long as they set enough time to do a natural detox using Green Gone.

Here's How To Pass A Drug Test For THC

The safe, dependable, and effective way to pass a marijuana drug test is to use the Green Gone Detox. We offer a true detox product that actively enhances your body's natural ability to excrete THC instead of simply 'masking' it. Buy a Green Gone detoxification kit now and enjoy Free UPS Ground on all orders.

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