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THC Metabolism: Weightlifting To Burn THC Stored In Fat

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Many people believe that cardio is best for burning fat fast and that weight lifting is only good for building muscle. So when you want to get rid of THC stored in fat cells by burning more fat cells, they advise you to intensify your cardio exercises. But they are not correct. Weight lifting is the more effective regime when it comes to completely and permanently burning fat and enhancing THC metabolism.

This is not to say that cardio exercises are not helpful also. Cardio exercises engage several muscles and burn many fat cells in a workout. But what makes weightlifting a superior fat-burning tactic is that its efficacy is not limited to the workout session alone. Weightlifting creates a system that continues the fat oxidation long after the exercise.

Read on to see how the automatic fat-burning system is created, and how you can use it to carry on the release of metabolism THC in your body, as a detox method.

Weightlifting To Revamp Your THC And Fat Metabolism Takes Time

Before we delve further, be warned that weightlifting is not a quick THC detoxification method. You cannot go lifting weights one or two days before taking a THC urine test. Even a week prior won't cut it. It takes time to build your body to the point that you can reap all the benefits of weight training. If you need a faster THC detoxing method, opt for the all-natural, vegan-friendly Green Gone Detox.

5-day Green Gone detox kit

Green Gone is the best and most reliable detox product in the market because it does not mask the THC. Instead, it enhances the body's natural ability to excrete THC through urine. Green Gone Detox is available in 2-day, 5-day, or 10-day detox kits depending on the time available for detoxing and your weed usage level. If you are a heavy THC user, opt for the 10-day Green Gone detox kit, and if you are a light user, the 2-day kit is a great option.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to completely remove all THC from your body – even the THC stored in fat cells, then weightlifting is your best option. Exercising to promote THC metabolism is particularly recommended to persons who have used cannabis for a prolonged period and have a significant amount of THC stored in fat cells. Weightlifting not only burns fat from exercise, but weight lifting builds muscle which increases your resting metabolic rate and increases your ability to burn fat throughout the day.

How Weight Lifting Enhances THC and Fat Metabolism

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Lifting weights, which also includes working against your body weight with exercises like push-ups, planks, chair dips, or squats, burns an incredible amount of fat because each movement involves working with multiple muscle groups simultaneously. For example, when you lift a heavy weight, you engage the muscles in your arms, legs, back, and core. Firing all those muscles at once initiates a significant calorie burn, in the form of THC and fat metabolism.

With weightlifting, the fat-burning and increasing THC metabolism continues after the workout. A single session of weightlifting boosts your metabolic rate, but regular sessions of intense weightlifting raise the level of your metabolism so high that your body continues to torch calories for many hours after wrapping up your exercise sessions. It's called the afterburn effect, and it's the reason for the quicker fat oxidation that makes weight training more effective than cardio.

A study confirmed this when it found that heightened fat metabolism continues even for up to 38 hours after a session of heavy resistance exercise. For example, if you typically burn a constant calorie number in an hour, say 50 calories; you may burn about 65 calories an hour in the first 38 hours after a weightlifting workout. An additional 15 calories in an hour may seem like little, but when compounded over 38 hours, it makes quite the difference. Weight lifting is therefore how you can ensure a consistently high THC metabolism even when resting.

Weightlifting Also Makes Your Muscles Grow Larger

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Strength training also enables you to retain your muscle mass and even increase it. The muscles become leaner and turn into a calorie-burning factory in your body. With a higher metabolism rate, the THC stored in fat is released quicker. Even your basal metabolic rate, which is the number of calories your body burns when you're resting and only performing basic life-sustaining functions, is higher when you have a greater muscle mass. The leaner and bigger the muscles, the more fat cells are burned, and the higher your THC metabolism is.

This continuous fat burning is the reason males typically eat more and do not gain weight as rapidly as females. The secret lies in having more muscle mass.

With muscle mass being relatively stable (as long as the muscle is occasionally stimulated and you consume adequate protein), weightlifting is considered a useful long-term fat-torching strategy.

Set Realistic Workout Goals

Despite larger and stronger muscles being a natural activator of THC and fat metabolism, you must be realistic with your muscle-building goals and the available time frame. You won’t be able to build muscles to burn the THC stored in fat in a week or two.

Typically, males build one to two pounds of muscle mass monthly, while females manage a half to one pound. However, if you give yourself time and consistently put in the effort needed, say, six months of heavy resistance training, your muscles will become larger and start to burn even more calories just by their sheer size and caloric demand, which increases your THC metabolism.

Get the Green Gone Detoxification Kit

If you want to include strength training into your exercise regime, or want to completely remove THC from your body, weightlifting is an excellent detoxification strategy that can completely and permanently eliminate THC from your system. It is a slow and steady approach that compounds the work of many muscle groups to increase THC metabolism. The result is a thorough and natural cleanse that rids your body of all THC stored in fat.

For situations where you don't have the time needed to detox by weight training, such as when you have to take a THC drug test soon, the equally safe and effective Green Gone will help you detox faster. Buy it now and enjoy the cleansing benefits of an all-natural ingredients detox kit that enhances your body's natural ability to eliminate the THC stored in fat. If you encounter an issue with your purchase or if you need more information about Green Gone Detox, contact our thorough and supportive customer service.

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