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A Wellness Vacation for THC Detox

white sand beach in Jamaica

Summer is already around the corner, so you know what that means: vacation!

And if you’re trying to eliminate the THC from your system, you might as well treat yourself by going for a detox vacation.

Here are some ideas to help you plan:

Where to Go

There are so many places you could get away to as you make that conscious choice of clearing your system.

If you live on the west coast of the US, you’re sure to find a lot of wellness vacation destinations in beautiful California. The former Bear Flag Republic is dotted with stunning beaches, lush forests, sweeping valleys, and snow-capped mountains.

Arizona is another must-visit destination for your THC detox. The Grand Canyon State is home to deep chasms and tall, copper-colored rock formations, and they all make for stunning backdrops as you work to restore your health.

Of course, the East Coast is filled with many excellent detox vacation destinations as well. Take the case of New York. While it may be home to the city that never sleeps, the upstate area is lined with wellness vacation hotspots where you can relax, unwind, and of course, detox.

And then there’s Florida. Although it’s known for its beaches, theme parks, and year-round sunny climate, it’s a cove for wellness trips as well. After all, who doesn’t want to wake up next to the clear waters while you’re detoxing?

International Destinations

Jamaica is a place you ought to visit if you want to escape the hurly-burly of the US. The Caribbean nation is surrounded by azure waters, making it the perfect tropical paradise to clear your mind and your body.

Mexico is another prime international destination for a much-deserved wellness vacation. Whether you want to be near the beach or some magnificent Aztec ruins, it's an affordable location for some rest and relaxation.

Want to go farther for your detox holiday? Then head on to Switzerland, home to tranquil wakes and stunning peaks. The beautiful Central European country is perfect for those who want to recharge in a much colder climate.

What to Look For in a Detox Vacation Destination

While the destination may be your foremost consideration when planning a wellness getaway, there are many other factors you need to look into一especially if your primary goal is to eliminate the THC in your system.

Specialized Programs

If you want a wellness vacation that’s completely focused on detoxing, then go for a resort that offers a specialized program.

Depending on the curriculum or the instructor, a detox program may focus on instilling discipline and enhancing positive thinking.

What’s great about detox programs is they’re often all-in. That means they cover the other vital aspects of detoxing, such as proper nutrition, massages, etc.

And in case you can’t find a detox vacation program you like, you can create your own detox agenda. And for this, you need to look into the factors below.

relaxing wellness vacation spa treatment


For your wellness vacation to be both successful and memorable, you’ll want a resort that has all the amenities you need. For example, go for a place with a spa that offers detoxing treatments, such as cupping massage, detoxifying scrubs, purifying baths, lymphatic facial and/or massage, balancing wraps, and enzyme wraps.

Likewise, you’d want a destination with a specialized facility that offers detoxing rituals, such as:

If you want to be at the forefront of new detox treatments, seek out a wellness vacation resort that offers any of these novel therapies:

  • Pressotherapy, wherein pressure is applied to help remove toxins from the tissues and muscles
  • Ozone therapy, wherein ozone is infused into the body to hasten the detox process
  • Thermal hydrotherapy circuit, which alternates heat and cold for a deeper detox effect
  • Halotherapy, which uses a salt room to help detoxify the lungs and the skin
  • Infrared detox, which heats the body to a higher temperature (compared to a sauna) for deeper detoxification

Picking a location with a fitness facility will help as well. Using an exercise bike or swing machine will help you sweat the THC off as well.


You are what you eat. And when you’re on a wellness and detox vacation, eating the right kinds of food will help you get rid of the THC faster. So when booking a resort, make sure it offers detox meals or drinks.

Another thing you should look into is liquid nutrition. Just like Green Gone Detox supplements, this program uses nutrients that help remove toxin buildup in the body efficiently.

Related Services

If you want to come out of your THC-free, then make sure to look up the resort or spa’s services first. Go for treatments or therapies that will help your mind and body, such as:

  • Meditation and wellness workshops
  • Energy Clearing
  • Hypnosis
  • Expert education
  • Consultations

thatched roof hut next to a swimming pool with a woman swimming


Of course, you want your wellness vacation to be comfortable, as you may experience some withdrawal symptoms along the way. The good news is many detox vacations will make sure you get the best holiday possible.

Many offer plush rooms, suites, or even beachside cabanas. It’s just a matter of what you want to wake up to every day. Is it the canyons of Arizona, the beaches of Florida or Mexico, or the snow-covered Alps of Switzerland?

Simply put, whether you’re looking for a 5-star experience or an ‘off-the-beaten-path’ reprieve, there’s sure to be a destination that can suit your needs.

Green Gone: Your Ultimate Detox Companion at Home

Indeed, taking on a wellness vacation is the best way to detox (and have fun.)

But if you want to get started before your holiday一or continue detoxing right after一you can do so with the help of Green Gone. Our detox kits come with pharmacist-developed, all-natural supplements that may help you metabolize cannabis faster.

We offer 2-, 5-, and 10-day kits that come with five medical-grade test strips. These are curated to help the most casual of takers一to those who use cannabis daily.

Enhance your detox journey by buying a Green Gone kit today.

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