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THC Detox Diet: What Foods to Eat & Avoid When Detoxing From THC

Detoxing diet

Whether you’re detoxing to take a tolerance break or you want to start a more holistic lifestyle, there are many reasons to stop using cannabis. At Green Gone Detox, we’re all about helping you flush your system and achieve quick, easy results with our detox kits! In addition to our kits, you can also take some more intensive steps to help improve your detox results, like eating healthier! If you’re wondering what to eat to get rid of THC or how to design the best THC detox diet, our team has the answers. 

Check out everything we’ve learned on our journey here and discover answers backed by scientific research!

An Explanation of Weed Detoxing

Before we get to the THC detox diet, it’s important to understand the science behind your weed detox. On a basic level, any detox is a period of time where you stop consuming a particular substance while letting any residuals exit your system. While you can stop smoking or eating cannabis right away, it takes a little longer for a complete system cleanse. Depending on the potency of your weed and frequency of use, it may be months before you test negative for cannabis.

As a benchmark guide, THC stays in certain body parts for different lengths of time, including:

  • Blood: 3-4 Hours
  • Saliva: Up to 3 Days
  • Fat: Up to 2 Weeks
  • Urine: 1-4 Weeks
  • Hair: Up to 3 Months

Clearing THC out of your blood, hair, or saliva with a THC detox diet is impossible and, in many cases, useless. But eating the right foods to speed up the process for THC stored in fat that is slowly released into your urine is a good strategy.

Now, let’s get into the details of what to eat and avoid to get rid of THC!

DO Eat On Your THC Detox Diet

bowl of granola and grains

Fiber & Whole Grains

Your digestive tract is a vital part of any detox process. And what do you eat to get rid of THC and expel waste? High fiber foods and whole grains that encourage regular bowel movements! Now, we’re not saying you should start a diet of diuretics because that’s incredibly dangerous. But, adding a few more grams of fiber to your diet and swapping out basic white bread for whole-grain varieties can improve your health and help flush your system. Fruits and vegetables also offer a great source of fiber and tons of other vitamins to keep you healthy!

Lean Protein

Next on your THC detox diet should be lean protein like eggs, turkey, and chicken. You can also supplement your lean protein intake with dairy and vegetable proteins, like milk, yogurt, peas, spinach, and avocado.

In addition to helping you flush your system, opting for lean protein also helps lower your blood pressure and control your cholesterol.

Antioxidant-Rich Foods

What else do you eat to get rid of THC? Foods that support weight loss and help you burn up deposits of fat that may be storing large amounts of THC. Everything from omega-3 oils and flaxseed to pectin and certain vitamins can help the waste elimination process flow more smoothly. The best foods to increase your antioxidant intake and flush your body include:

  • Dark Chocolate (75% +)
  • Pecans
  • Berries
  • Kidney Beans
  • Artichoke
  • Spinach
  • Green Tea

Nuts & Legumes

pile of mixed nuts

Many legumes and nuts contain antioxidants, protein, and even fiber, but that’s not the only reason you should be eating them! They’re also a great snack that can keep you feeling full when you’re tempted to stray away from your THC detox diet – especially if you’re a volume eater. A few handfuls of nuts can help you feel like you’re eating more while loading you up on essential nutrients.

Just remember one thing: many nuts have added sodium, which increases water retention and works against your system cleanse. Go for nuts with no added salt or minimally salted products.

Herbs & Spices

So we’ve covered some of the basics for your THC detox diet, but you still need to consider a few more items that could supercharge your flush. Many herbs and spices are incredibly detoxifying and could enhance your experience, especially when combined with an actual detox kit. In addition to the herbs in our detox kit, consider adding ginger, garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, oregano, dandelion, and cayenne pepper to your everyday meals. Fresh ginger or cinnamon tastes amazing in tea and coffee, while a sprinkle of garlic or oregano in savory dishes is a great choice!

DON’T Eat On Your THC Detox Diet

Alcohol & Other Drugs

The worst things for any detox are other substances that contaminate your body and slow it down. Alcohol and other drugs have detrimental effects on your entire system, affecting everything from digestion and waste elimination to weight gain.

Processed Foods

Junk food is one of the worst choices you can make during a detox. While the occasional handful of cheese snacks or jelly beans won’t crash your THC detox diet, it’s best to avoid candy, cookies, soda, and chips as much as possible. These foods lead to weight gain that can lock fat-based THC into your body for longer.


three sprinkle donuts

Processed and artificial sugar show up in many more foods than you think. Read the labels on everything from bread and pasta to energy drinks and juice to ensure you’re not unknowingly adding to your sugar intake. Like junk food, sugar can increase fat deposits and slow down the detox process.

Bonus Tips

Drinking water and exercising regularly are great additions to your THC detox diet. Water will keep you hydrated and help flush cannabis out of your body, while exercise helps activate THC stored in fat around your body.

Ready to get started? Let us know how your cleanse goes in the comments!

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