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The Science Behind Different Cannabis Detox Solutions

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About 65% of cannabinoids leave your body through feces, while another 20% is removed through your urine. The rest either stays in your body’s fat cells, releasing into your bloodstream periodically, or is expelled through other biological materials, like sweat.

You’re interested in a cannabis detox, but you’ve heard about many different methods and you don’t know which one works best. Read on here to learn more about the science behind different kinds of natural weed detoxes from the experts at Green Gone Detox.

1. Pills

Three types of detox pills can help you with your system flush. When you take the first type, they provide your body with more energy, replacing the energy your body burns from fat cells and prevents your body from releasing the THC into your blood or urine. These types of pills work best if taken a couple of hours before a drug test.

There is another type of cannabis detox pill that helps your body gradually clear out the cannabis over the course of 2-10 days. These are typically natural weed detoxes that use herbs to flush your system including:

  • St. John’s Wort to double the activity of certain cleansing liver enzymes
  • Psyllium husk to bind THC in the gut, reduce reabsorption, and increase excretion levels
  • Horsetail for its anti-inflammatory effects and to increase urine output
  • White willow to break the bindings between THC and albumin and flush it out in the urine
  • Sodium bicarb to increase the pH of your urine

The last type of pill is one with masking agents that create an artificial result in a urine drug test. With nearly all these pills, staying hydrated is an absolute must.

2. Drinks

cannabis detox drink

Cannabis detox drinks usually involve drinking a lot more water than with pills. These are drinks that are full of minerals and vitamins to restore your urine’s normal composition. The most reliable detox drinks will flush THC out of your system while keeping your urine a normal color, but most sellers recommend drinking tons of water in tandem with their system flush drinks. Most people think that the amount of water you have to drink with this style of cannabis detox is what really helps you pass a drug test—not the special drink itself.

3. Kits

Most marijuana detox kits are very similar to pills and drinks. These claim to remove THC from your system, including all traces of cannabinoids and metabolites. What helps flush your body in these kits is called fruit pectin, and it’s a kind of fiber used in jams and jellies. Along with diuretic ingredients, like red clover and yellow dock root, the pectin supposedly stops the THC metabolites from even passing into your urine and forces it to exit through your feces.

Since most drug tests are done on urine, you should come out clean. Most kits must be used within the 48 hours leading up to the test.

Safe Cannabis Detox

At Green Gone Detox, we want you to enjoy a safe system flush no matter which product you choose. Opt for more natural weed detoxes and avoid fake or even dangerous detoxes when you keep an eye out for suspicious ingredients.

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