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Holistic Lifestyle For Beginners: 7 Ways to Live a More Natural Life

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What Is Holistic Health Anyway?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about living your life in a more holistic way to ensure better health and happiness. If you’re wondering about a holistic lifestyle for beginners, you should probably learn more about what it actually is.

Holistic health is all about comprehensive care for your mind, body, and soul. You want to consider the entirety of an individual to ensure complete well-being. While it used to be just a lifestyle, many medical experts are experimenting with incorporating holistic philosophies into their treatment plans.

But you, as a regular person, can also do your best to live life in a more holistic way. If you’re interested in living as interconnected parts of a whole, instead of compartmentalizing every aspect of your life, explore these tips on holistic health for beginners to get you started. With this guide from Green Gone Detox, you can begin taking small steps to a more fulfilling existence.

1. Eating & Enjoying Real Food

Nutrition is an essential component of any holistic lifestyle for beginners, as food has a direct impact on your health. From breakfast and dinner to snacks and drinks, ensuring nutrient-dense food and adequate intake affects your entire body.

Be honest with yourself. Are you truly eating a healthy diet? Take a look at your fridge and pantry right now. Compare the prepackaged food and snacks to the fresh ingredients in your home. If you’re counting up more aluminum bags than fresh vegetables, you might be in trouble.

It can be daunting to try and overhaul your entire diet in one go, but taking small steps towards healthier eating makes it easier. Spend some time researching simple recipes that include your favorite foods, try a new vegetable every time you shop, and consider switching out that bag of chips for a pack of nuts. Making healthier choices for even the most minor decisions can enhance your diet and ensure better holistic health for beginners.

2. Start Journaling

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Part of living a holistic lifestyle for beginners is introducing mindfulness into your life. Checking in with yourself throughout the day and taking notes about your activities and how they make you feel can paint an interesting picture. Get in touch with your feelings and discover when you’re happiest with a regular journal.

You don’t have to write long, detailed paragraphs of everything you did throughout the day, but definitely take note when your moods are swinging wildly or when you feel something unusual mentally, physically, and emotionally. You want to create a life where you’re as energetic and joyful as possible. Pinpointing potential problems can help you prevent and avoid them in the future.

3. Practice Self Care

As you grow older, you’re supposedly meant to toughen up and take the bad with the good. But what’s the point of skipping out on meals to meet a deadline or attending to chores instead of attending to yourself? Learn how to rest when you’re tired, eat when you’re hungry, and truly listen to what your body needs. Now, this doesn’t mean becoming a lazy bum – it means finding a balance between responsibilities and self-care.

Treating yourself with love and care is a transformative experience for anyone trying out the holistic lifestyle for beginners. You’ll notice that developing dedication to your own well-being allows you the time you need to heal and thrive so you can approach life with renewed energy.

4. Taking Things One Day At A Time

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As we mentioned before, mindfulness is a big part of holistic health for beginners. You want to focus on where you are now and how you’re feeling in the moment to ensure better wellness in the future. Every day is a new one, and you shouldn’t be dwelling on mistakes of the past or worrying about consequences or problems in the future. 

So what? You slipped up on your eating habits last week or missed out on a workout yesterday, and now you feel bad. Move forward with renewed dedication to your holistic lifestyle for beginners instead of guilting yourself about something you can’t change.

The goal isn’t perfection; it’s happiness.

5. Make Healing A Priority

Many people with chronic concerns, physical and mental, start associating their identity with their illness. Even if you can’t get back to 100% physical perfection, that doesn’t mean your illness defines you. Just changing the way you talk about an illness can help you approach it differently. You’re not someone who has a disease; you’re someone who’s experiencing the symptoms of a disease.

It’s OK if you’re struggling with this concept. Beginners living a holistic lifestyle can find it hard to separate their identity from the things that happen to them. Talking to a professional can help.

6. Remove Toxicity From Your Life

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Whether that means people or substances, toxins come in many forms. For you, that could mean flushing cannabis or sugar out of your life. For others, this could be setting boundaries with overbearing parents or removing exhausting friends from their lives. Identify and target the things that make you unhappy through your journal and consider minimizing contact with them to work towards a holistic lifestyle for beginners. Detoxing is a big step towards holistic wellness.

7. Look for the Joy

Many studies suggest that positive emotions are beneficial to your overall health – even physical ailments, like heart disease. With your journal in hand, you can more easily spot experiences that bring you joy and ensure you’re adding more of them to your everyday life.

These experiences don’t have to be big, exotic adventures. It could be your weekly workout session or casual meetings with friends that make your day. Focus on these experiences and make mindful gratefulness an essential part of your holistic lifestyle.

Start Focusing On You

A holistic lifestyle for beginners means viewing yourself as a complex being with overlapping needs. Start by introducing some of these holistic techniques into your life and add more as you notice an improvement in your overall wellness.

Looking for more tips on how to build a more holistic lifestyle? Explore our blog for tons of advice and guidance.

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