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How to Promote Holistic Fitness in Mind and Body

woman exercising as part of a holistic fitness regimen

Holistic fitness is an increasingly important topic for those who want to live fuller, better lives. Holistic health and fitness can look different for everyone, but at its core is a desire to promote wellness of both the mind and body through natural methods. This is a response to the decidedly un-natural lifestyle that is promoted as the norm. From overly processed foods to harsh chemicals in beauty products, pollution in the air, and an always-connected world geared toward sedentary binge-watching, there are plenty of pitfalls for personal wellness. This makes it a great time to turn your focus to holistic fitness.

The Principle of Being Whole

When we think of fitness, most people focus on the body but the mind can be equally as important. The two are related, after all, as they combine to make up you in your entirety. A healthier body promotes a better mindset. Likewise, a positive mindset helps promote a healthier body. By approaching fitness in this way, doing what’s good for both the mind and body, you are taking care of your entire self.

woman meditating to promote holistic health and fitness

Supporting Your Body Naturally

Holistic fitness is best done naturally. The healthy human body is a fine-tuned machine and machines run best when they get the right fuel, the right maintenance, and are treated with respect. Harsh and synthetic chemicals are common in wellness products, but those don’t promote holistic health and fitness. To give your body natural support, you need to focus on helping it do what it naturally does best.

  • Get Moving - The body was meant to be used and regular activity helps keep it in tip-top shape. This can be done through an exercise routine at the gym designed to build your muscles or just taking a walk at lunch to clear your mind, stretch your muscles, and breathe in some fresh air.
  • Get Rest - Rest is important to holistic fitness. Both our bodies and minds need downtime to recover from daily activity. Too many of us don’t get enough sleep or get a poor quality of sleep. Aim for 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. Rest can mean more than sleep, so take time to meditate, breathe, or just sit quietly and focus throughout the day.
  • Get Good Nutrition - What you eat has an impact on your physical and mental wellness. Make sure you’re eating good foods that provide nutrients that your body needs. Minimally processed foods are best because they have less exposure to chemicals and in many cases, provide a better nutritional value.
  • Get Rid of the Bad - One of the most important aspects of holistic health and fitness is mitigating the damage already done to your body or that is unavoidable due to the modern lifestyle. This includes a natural detox regimen that supports your body’s natural ability to remove toxins.

Detox Naturally

Our pharmacist-formulated detox kits are based on the principles of organic chemistry and how your body cleanses itself of toxins. By supporting your body’s natural ability to remove these chemical compounds, you’re supporting your own holistic fitness. Get the natural support you need for improved wellness with a detox kit from Green Gone Detox today.

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