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Why Green Gone Detox Offers the Best THC Cleanse

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Green Gone Detox is the best THC cleanse for supporting your body’s natural process of breaking down THC and its metabolites to remove them from your body. Many people choose a cleanse to help them pass a potential drug screening but several cannabis users choose a periodic cleanse to help reset their tolerance level. Our pharmacist-created formula is the best detox cleanse for THC and comes with medical-grade test strips so you can verify your progress yourself.

Cleansing Not Masking

Some “detox” products focus on masking the presence of THC or diluting your urine to avoid detection. This doesn’t truly cleanse your body and won’t help your tolerance level. These faulty products can also lead to failed potential drug tests as the presence of masking agents or overly diluted urine may flag your test for increased scrutiny and automatic failure. The best THC cleanse is one that actually helps you remove the compounds associated with THC from your system.

Your Body’s Natural Cannabis Process

When THC enters your system, it bonds to receptor sites in your body. As it’s used, it’s broken down or metabolized into related chemical compounds called metabolites. These metabolites are what potential drug screenings look for when determining if you pass or fail. There is also evidence that metabolites may play a role in the tolerance of some cannabinoids. Over time, your body further breaks down these compounds, filters them out through the kidneys, and removes them during normal elimination. The best detox cleanse for THC supports this natural process.

Green Gone 2-day detox kit, the best THC cleanse for results you can count on

Improve Elimination Efficiency

Green Gone Detox kits are formulated to support the natural metabolic processes your body uses to get rid of THC and its metabolites. It does this by providing the natural support you need for the three primary aspects of the elimination of THC.

  • Breaking Down Metabolites - By supporting the transition of metabolites into more water-soluble compounds, it makes it easier for your body to move these compounds from storage in your fat cells into the blood where they can be filtered out.
  • Encourage More Efficient Filtration - Increasing the ability of these metabolites to be removed by the kidneys is an important step that prevents reabsorption while also lowering immediate levels. This two-pronged effect is part of what makes Green Gone the best THC cleanse.
  • Promote More Frequent Elimination - After the metabolites have been filtered out, they need to be expelled from the body in order to ensure efficient removal continues. This increased need for restroom trips alone does not make a product the best detox cleanse for THC. Many products focus on this aspect of cleansing, but without the mechanism to support the natural breakdown and filtering of metabolites, increased restroom visits aren’t an effective way of cleansing your system.

Get Your Detox Kit

Green Gone Detox uses natural nutritional support to help you get the best THC cleanse possible. Whether you’re resetting your tolerance or preparing for a potential drug screening, you’ll be getting a detox that you can feel confident in. Order your kit, with medical-grade test strips that let you verify your results, from Green Gone Detox today.

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