Natural Ways to Detox THC

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Natural ways to detox THC can help you reset your tolerance or get you ready to pass a potential drug screening. With so many products on the market touting their abilities, it can be hard to know how to naturally detox THC and what to watch for when choosing products. Many people choose cannabis products because they perceive them as a natural alternative to supporting their health and wellness. Finding a more natural way to remove THC from your system can be the perfect balance when you need your system clean.

THC Metabolization

As you use cannabis products like CBD oil, your body breaks the active compounds down into new chemical structures. These chemical structures are called metabolites. Some will be further broken down naturally over time while others are quickly expelled from your system. Natural ways to detox THC work by focusing on your body’s natural processes to break down these metabolites and remove them from the body. The lower the THC metabolites levels are, the less likely you are to fail a potential drug screening and the closer to “normal” your tolerance becomes.

Metabolites and Screening

When you are given a potential drug test, you’re not being checked for THC, but rather for metabolites of THC that have a known elimination profile called THC-COOH. While quickly derived from THC, this inactive compound can be stored in the body’s fat cells and stay in your system for weeks or months after you stop using cannabis products. Your primary concern when choosing how to naturally detox THC is actually increasing your body’s ability to eliminate THC-COOH and other metabolites. As these metabolites are cleared, their levels drop to the point where they are below the minimum threshold for drug screenings.

Green Gone 10 Day Detox Kit

The Best Natural Ways to Detox THC

Green Gone Detox’s pharmacist-formulated kit is designed to give you the support you need to improve the efficiency of your body’s natural metabolization and elimination processes. Based on a firm understanding of organic chemistry and how our bodies process chemical reactions, Green Gone Detox has three primary functions:

  • Increases the Metabolism of THC and Related Compounds into More Soluble Forms - By promoting the conversion of these compounds into a form that is easier for your body to process, you speed up the efficiency of elimination.
  • Supports the Movement of Metabolites into the Body’s Natural Waste Filtering System - Once the metabolites are more soluble, it’s easier to move them through the body for removal. The kidneys are more able to filter them out and the intestines are better able to avoid reabsorption.
  • Increases Elimination Functions - As these metabolites are gathered for elimination, your body needs to get rid of them. Increased bathroom trips help keep up with the internal removal process that is being supported by natural ways to detox THC.

Get Better Results

Masking THC doesn’t reset your tolerance and may cause your potential drug test to be flagged as compromised which could lead to an automatic fail. When choosing how to naturally detox THC, trust our Green Gone Detox Kit. Use our THC calculator to find the best kit for your lifestyle. Order your THC detox kit today.

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