The Green Gone Guide on How to Roll a Joint

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Joint Rolling 101

As one of the most iconic ways to enjoy cannabis, learning how to roll a joint should be a required topic for anyone who smokes marijuana. While there are countless opinions on the best way to roll a joint, Green Gone Detox offers a method that ensures a smooth, even burn every time. Check out our guide and start practicing better joint-rolling today!

How Much Weed Should You Use?

If you’re just starting, we suggest using 1.25 size rolling papers and about 0.5 grams of cannabis. Using less weed makes it much more manageable to learn how to roll a joint. While pre-rolls usually come with a full gram, not everyone is ready for that much cannabis at once. Once you get better at rolling joints and your cannabis tolerance grows, you can start adding more and more marijuana to your rolls.

When you’re ready to start, follow our seven-step guide below.

  • Gather Your Supplies

  • Preferred Cannabis Strain
  • Rolling Papers
  • Cannabis Grinder
  • Crutch (For the Joint Tip)

You may also want a thin object to help you pack the joint better, but that’s optional.

  • Grind Your Cannabis

Properly grinding your weed down is essential to how you roll a joint. A finer grind makes the filling more consistent and helps the joint burn more evenly. You can use your hands or scissors to break down the weed, but your filling won’t be as even.

  • Create a Filter

A filter, also known as a crutch or a tip, helps create a more stable joint, ensures you don’t burn your fingers, and keeps shake from falling out of the end of your joint. Use filter tips or stiff paper to create your crutch and then roll it up to the same thickness as your joint.

  • Fill Your Rolling Paper

Now we come to the main event of how you roll a joint – filling up your rolling paper. Put the crutch at one end of the paper, and then fill the rest with your ground marijuana. Once you have about half a gram, it’s time to start shaping and forming the joint.

  • Rolling Your Joint

Your joint is loaded and shaped, now pinch the paper between your fingers and roll it back and forth until you’ve packed the marijuana into a vague cone shape.

  • Sealing the Joint

Your seal is the make or break point of rolling your joint. If it comes undone, your cannabis will fall out and ruin the smoking experience. To ensure your roll stays tight, start at the filter end and tuck the unglued side of the paper into the roll tightly. Now, roll it up and lick the glued edge before smoothing it down. Work your way down the length of the joint, packing and sealing it tightly.

  • Pack it Down

Even though you’ve sealed the joint along the edge, the end is still open. Pack the ground cannabis down with a thin object, so there are no gaps along the joint. Packing in the cannabis is another way to ensure an even burn.


You’ve learned how to roll a joint, and as you get more comfortable, you can experiment with different sizes. Share this joint-rolling method with your friends and enjoy the best joint you’ve ever smoked together!

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