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Indica vs. Sativa: Green Gone Detox’s Guide on the Differences

Indica vs Sativa Comparison

Indica and sativa are the two main categories of marijuana strains. Although they both are cannabis plants, they look very different. When it comes to how they affect the body and the mind, the differences between indica and sativa are also notable. That said, here are a few ways that indica vs. sativa differ—and how each can add value to your day and life:

Plant Appearance

One of the most noticeable physical differences between indica and sativa is that indica plants tend to be bushier, shorter, thicker, and rounder compared with sativa buds. They’re also known for their higher flower production. Meanwhile, sativa plants tend to be cylindrical, slimmer, and taller compared with indica buds. They are also significantly less dense than indica buds.

Leaf Appearance

As far as indica vs. sativa, they both grow in a similar pattern. However, indica leaves are wider, fatter, flatter, and shorter than sativa leaves. You’ll notice that indica leaf widths are typically triple and at least double sativa leaf widths. Meanwhile, sativa leaves are thinner and longer. These are the leaves you often see portrayed on THC-related memorabilia.

close-up shot of THC with blurred background

Growing Conditions

Indica plants typically grow in cool regions and at a higher altitude. Sativa plants, contrastingly, flourish in warm climates, such as temperate and tropical zones. In cooler climates, sativa plants are usually grown indoors.

Growers usually prefer indica vs. sativa varieties because they are hardier and generate higher yields even though the plants themselves are smaller.

Mental and Physical Effects

Another one of the core differences between indica and sativa has to do with their mental and physical effects.

Sativa will give you more of a head high and increase your alertness. It may also help you to feel more euphoric and be more uplifting. You may even notice that you feel more creative, can focus more easily, and have increased energy when you use sativa. Sativa can also be used for treating chronic pain.

Meanwhile, indica is the best option for you if you’re trying to experience a body high. That’s because indica relaxes the body’s muscles and reduces tension. For this reason, it is frequently used to treat muscle spasms and inflammation. Indica also relaxes the mind thanks to its calming effect. As a result, you can use it as a sleep aid if you have trouble falling or staying asleep at night. Sativa is additionally used for relieving pain and has a tendency to stimulate the appetite as well.

Keep in mind, though, that different people may experience different mental and physical effects with indica vs. sativa. For instance, a person who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may discover that sativa calms him or her down, rather than increasing his or her energy.

Use During the Day

Yet another one of the key differences between indica and sativa is the time of day when they are best used. Because indica has a relaxing effect, it is often most helpful to use at night. Meanwhile, because sativa can be energizing, many of its users prefer to use it during the day.

How to Improve Potency of THC with a Break

After using THC for an extended period, you may notice that your weed tolerance has increased. Fortunately, you can improve the potency of your favorite THC strain simply by taking a break from THC consumption. Luckily, there is no difference in a tolerance break’s effectiveness for indica vs. sativa.

You should ideally take a break for at least 48 hours every 30 or so days for the best results when it comes to managing your tolerance and mitigating your physical dependence on THC.

How Green Gone Detox Can Help with Your Breaks

In addition to exploring indica vs. sativa, you may be interested in employing a detox during your THC breaks. Fortunately, Green Gone Detox offers a convenient in-home THC detoxification system to make your breaks even more effective. We offer 2 day, 10 day, and 5 day THC detox kits. Each kit cleanses your body of THC, maximizing your tolerance break by lowering your tolerance.

Experience the Benefits of Green Gone Detox’s Kits Today

At Green Gone Detox, we have earned a reputation for creating the best products on the market for clearing the body of THC. No matter where you stand on the indica vs. sativa debate, we’ve got your regular THC breaks covered with our pharmacist recommended and formulated products.

Why Green Gone Detox?

Our products won’t just “mask” the presence of THC in your body: They will actively improve your body’s natural ability to flush THC metabolites from your system. Our products’ five key ingredients work in concert to metabolize, breakdown, and flush THC from your body. St. John’s wort, sodium bicarb, white willow 15% extract, horsetail extract, and psyllium extract are all natural, and the capsules are vegan.

We also offer a handy THC detox calculator on our site. All you have to do is provide data like your age and weight to figure out the quantity of THC potentially in your system and, in turn, which detoxification kit might be the best fit for you.

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