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How to Use Our 10-Day THC Detox Cleanse Kit

detox kit for cannabis in ten days

A Quick THC Detox

At Green Gone Detox, we offer several kits to provide personalized solutions for your THC detox cleanse. By using our THC calculator, you can figure out which cleanse is the right fit for you. With a comprehensive assessment that includes your cannabis usage, age, gender, height, and other factors, you can get the most accurate recommendation for the ideal product.

If you’ve been consuming high levels of cannabis for a long time, are interested in a tolerance break, or quitting marijuana completely, you’ll probably need our maximum-length THC detox cleanse — the 10-day kit. We’re here to guide you on how to use that kit to maximize its potential and ensure the quickest THC detox possible. Follow our instructions to make sure you’re using the kit correctly and to guarantee that all cannabinoids exit your body as quickly as possible, which then allows you to enjoy the health benefits of a THC cleanse.

What’s In The Kit?

the contents of a THC detox cleanse kit

Before you start using this kit for your THC detox cleanse, you likely want to know what’s in it. Our 10-day detox kit includes 120 dietary supplement capsules with our unique, pharmacist-developed formulation, along with five THC urine test strips and a complete set of instructions.

How It Works

It’s important to understand how our THC detox cleanse works and how to use our urine test strips to ensure accurate results. Our formula contains many ingredients that help your body flush out THC, but the most important include:

Each of these ingredients works in tandem to flush your body in different ways. St. John’s wort induces your liver enzymes, which metabolize THC, to increase production and help with a quick THC detox. Psyllium husk binds THC in your gut to soluble fiber, flushing more out with every bowel movement. Horsetail extract operates as a mild diuretic to increase urine output to increase the amount of THC you remove from your body through urine. Willow helps to break down THC more completely, preventing it from getting stuck in your digestive system or fat cells.

You can learn more about these THC detox cleanse ingredients and read in-depth about their benefits when you click on them above to see their spotlight blogs.

Kit Use Instructions

taking thc detox cleanse kits every day

You must use our kits correctly to get the results you want from this THC detox cleanse. Follow all our instructions carefully, without skipping any steps.

  • Before starting your kit, stop using all cannabis
  • Do not use drugs or alcohol for the entire course of the kit
  • Take four capsules three times each day
  • Take your first two doses with meals and the last dose with a small snack before dinner

To enhance your cleanse and make our kits more effective, you can also add these tips to your daily routine:

Using Your Urine Strips

Part of the THC detox cleanse is regular testing to check your progress. We include five urine strips in this kit exactly for this purpose. Follow our instructions for using your urine test strips.

  1. Open the sealed pouch and remove the strip
  2. Take off the paper at the bottom where you see the words “single drug screen test”
  3. Find a small container and urinate into it, catching the middle portion of your stream
  4. Dip the narrow tip of the strip into the urine for 10-15 seconds
  5. Remove the strip and lay it flat on a clean, dry surface
  6. Set a timer for five minutes
  7. Check your results after exactly five minutes

Checking your strip too early or too late could show you compromised results that don’t reflect your actual detox stage. Make sure you let five minutes pass before looking at your strip. Your results will appear as one of three results – Negative, Positive, or Invalid.

We do not recommend testing yourself until 12-18 hours after your final serving of Green Gone. You should expect to test positive until you are completely finished with the detox kit because the supplement is making your body excrete THC metabolites at a higher rate than normal.

Ready to Get Started?

Our 10-day detox kit is the best THC detox cleanse on the market! It’s natural, safe, and reliable, with hundreds of positive reviews that showcase the results. Buy a kit today to discover how it can work for you!

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