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How to Flush Marijuana Out of Your System

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Are you going to be taking a drug test soon? Whether it’s for work, school, or something else, you might be worried about whether or not cannabis will show up in the test. There are many different ways that you can detox from cannabis, but is exercise one of them? Learn more about how to flush marijuana out of your system and how exercise affects drug tests from Green Gone Detox.

Exercise And Drug Tests

While there are no guarantees about any quick detox methods, there is evidence that working out may help you pass a drug test. In addition to providing you with important health benefits, exercise also burns away the fat cells where THC is stored. When you work out, THC is released from your fat cells and floods your bloodstream, where you can get rid of it much more easily. Furthermore, as you reduce your fat, you minimize the amount of THC in your body and limit how much of it can be stored as you smoke.

As you’re considering how to flush marijuana out of your system, think about adding this at-home workout regimen to your routine.

How Quickly Does It Work?

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While exercise the day before a drug test won’t do much, a long-term workout regimen, along with a healthy diet, can completely flush your body of THC. Working through how to flush marijuana out of your system with exercise also means you need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and reduce the THC in your bloodstream. We recommend drinking between 8 and 12 glasses of water each day, depending on how much you work out.

Even though you may now be exercising a lot more than usual, THC can still take up to 30 days to completely clear your system. How long you’ve been smoking, combined with how much you smoke at a time, can help you better understand what to expect for a marijuana detox. Take our Detox Calculator Test to see how long it will take you to get rid of the THC in your body.

What Else Can You Do?

Exercising alone isn’t enough to figure out how to flush marijuana out of your system. You need to amplify your workout regimen with natural supplements, cutting out alcohol and other drugs, and possibly using a detox kit to really get the job done. You should also stop exercise in the days before a drug test, as the THC in your fat cells isn’t typically detected during a test. Only once the THC has been released into your bloodstream will you get a positive result.

There’s no guaranteed way to pass a drug test, but with exercise, diet, and a detox, you stand a better chance. Have questions about how our detox works? Reach out to the Green Gone Detox team today to learn more!

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